Healthy Juice Recipes and Healthy Smoothie Recipes (Slide 1)


Luv it.


03/03/2014 - 9:01am

I don't know how a smoothie can be healthy with an artificial sweetener in it.


01/13/2014 - 12:36pm

So many green smoothies call for a great deal of high glycemic fruit. Bananas are one of the highest. Even though I know this is one of the yummiest green smoothies out there . . . I wish there were great tasting recipes for veggie smoothies for people like me who are pre-diabetic. I know I am not alone--any recommendations as to a good sources so I can drink a variety of smoothies that taste good, but not necessarily totally sweet? So far, I've found very few searching on line.


10/18/2013 - 6:31am

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