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Chopped cherries combine with cherry preserves and smoky, hot chipotle peppers for an unusual marinade and sauce for grilled chicken. Recipe by Nancy Baggett.

Recipe: Grilled Chicken with Cherry-Chipotle Barbecue Sauce

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Jacqui’s Jerk Chicken

Jacqui’s Jerk Chicken

Sweet, savory and spicy all at once, Jacqui Sinclair’s jerk marinade is absolutely addictive. Try …View slide
Butterflied Grilled Chicken with a Chile-Lime Rub

Butterflied Grilled Chicken…

A quick and efficient way to cook a whole bird on the grill is to butterfly it. This method is so po…View slide
Sweet-&-Sour Chicken Drumsticks

Sweet-&-Sour Chicken Drumst…

Chicken drumsticks stay deliciously moist when grilled—even with the skin removed. Minty sweet-and…View slide
Lime-Jalapeno Chicken

Lime-Jalapeno Chicken

Tangy, mildly spicy and tender, this chicken is delicious with black beans and salsa.…View slide
Grilled Chicken Ratatouille

Grilled Chicken Ratatouille

We gave this classic Provençal dish a taste of summer by grilling the vegetables traditionally used…View slide
Chipotle-&-Orange Grilled Chicken

Chipotle-&-Orange Grilled C…

Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce contribute a rich smokiness to this quick orange-infused barbecue sa…View slide
Grilled Chicken Tostadas with Sweet-&-Sour Vegetables

Grilled Chicken Tostadas wi…

These grilled chicken tostadas are topped with rich mole sauce and sweet-and-sour summer vegetables …View slide
Lime-Honey Glazed Chicken

Lime-Honey Glazed Chicken

The sweet and tangy lime-honey marinade is simmered on the stovetop and then used as a sauce to bast…View slide
Beer-Barbecued Chicken

Beer-Barbecued Chicken

Here's our spin on the roast-a-chicken-on-top-of-a-can-of-beer technique that's popular with barbecu…View slide
Grilled Chicken Tenders with Cilantro Pesto

Grilled Chicken Tenders wit…

Cook chicken tenders quickly on the grill and top with pesto made with cilantro and sesame seeds for…View slide
Indian-Spiced Chicken Pitas

Indian-Spiced Chicken Pitas

Make a perfect summer supper: grill spice-rubbed chicken breasts and tuck them into whole-wheat pita…View slide
Grilled Chicken Salad with a Fresh Strawberry Dressing

Grilled Chicken Salad with …

Balsamic vinegar, strawberries and black pepper are a classic Italian trio: spicy and sweet, refined…View slide
Pineapple-Teriyaki Chicken

Pineapple-Teriyaki Chicken

Grilled teriyaki chicken with pineapple can be made with just a few pantry staples. Although it's de…View slide
Shaker-Style Smoked Chicken Thighs

Shaker-Style Smoked Chicken…

Based on a recipe of the Shakers, a Quaker splinter group that flourished in the Eastern U.S. in the…View slide
Barbecued Raspberry-Hoisin Chicken

Barbecued Raspberry-Hoisin …

Hoisin sauce along with pureed tart raspberries makes a wonderful Chinese-inspired marinade and dipp…View slide
Thai Chicken Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce

Thai Chicken Satay with Spi…

Spicy peanut sauce is the perfect match for these Thai-marinated grilled chicken strips.…View slide
Grilled Chicken & Polenta with Nectarine-Blackberry Salsa

Grilled Chicken & Polenta w…

Grilled nectarines and fresh blackberries turn into a summery salsa to top cumin-rubbed chicken and …View slide
Lebanese Fattoush Salad with Grilled Chicken

Lebanese Fattoush Salad wit…

Fattoush is a popular salad in Lebanon made with mixed greens, a lemony vinaigrette and pita bread p…View slide
Tandoori Chicken with Tomato-Cucumber Raita

Tandoori Chicken with Tomat…

Associated with India, tandoori cooking, a high-heat process, is actually a Middle Eastern invention…View slide
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Our Grilled Chicken Caesar is far lighter, and just as good, as the popular full-fat version.…View slide
Grilled Rosemary-Scented Chicken with Sweet & Sour Onion Jam

Grilled Rosemary-Scented Ch…

This healthy grilled chicken recipe gets tons of flavor from fresh rosemary sprigs. For a sophistica…View slide
Grilled Chicken with Cherry-Chipotle Barbecue Sauce

Grilled Chicken with Cherry…

Chopped cherries combine with cherry preserves and smoky, hot chipotle peppers for an unusual marina…View slide
Chicken Cordon Bleu Burger

Chicken Cordon Bleu Burger

The classic flavors of Chicken Cordon Bleu—ham, Swiss cheese and thyme—inspired this easy chicke…View slide
Herbed Salsa with Grilled Chicken

Herbed Salsa with Grilled C…

This fresh tomato salsa, which doubles as a marinade for grilled chicken, is packed with flavor from…View slide
Spicy Tunisian Grilled Chicken

Spicy Tunisian Grilled Chicken

This spicy rub of coriander, caraway and hot pepper is lovely on grilled chicken, as we use it here,…View slide
Sweet & Savory Grilled Chicken

Sweet & Savory Grilled Chicken

This sweet and savory rub for grilled chicken relies on ingredients you most likely have on hand alr…View slide
Chicken Yakitori with Broccoli

Chicken Yakitori with Broccoli

Yakitori—chicken skewers common in Japan—get a thick soy glaze before and after grilling for max…View slide
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