Easy Vegetarian Soup Recipes


Half of these aren't vegetarian as they call for chicken broth. Very misleading and frankly, insulting. Don't advertise as vegetarian if you don't even know what that means.


10/28/2012 - 10:53am

I know many vegetarians that use chicken broth. If you don't then sub in veggie broth. Not a big deal.


01/23/2013 - 8:10pm

You're right. It's not that big of a deal. But since this is supposed to be a vegetarian friendly recipe, why is a non-vegetarian item (chicken broth) listed as an ingredient, especially when there are plenty of equally delicious vegetable based broths available? Even the most "lax" vegetarians (myself included) do not typically consume flesh-based broths or stocks.


02/26/2013 - 2:31pm

Taste great considering few ingredients called for.


12/31/2013 - 3:07pm

I've been trying to comment. Make it easier to do so, please? To call something "vegetarian" when it's not is offensive. Chicken broth is not vegetarian. A vegetarian is someone who does not eat anything that is alive or was. That means no fish, chicken, beef, etc. A vegan is someone who does not eat anything that is alive or was, in addition to not eating dairy products. It really is a no-brainer. You could Google this stuff, you know!


04/01/2014 - 2:20pm

I agree. Most people don't understand what "vegetarian" means. Look it up!


04/01/2014 - 2:24pm

totally agreed vegetarian soups are full of fiber and vegetables, good for health also and thanks for sharing the useful information.


01/09/2015 - 5:44am

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