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Traditional waffles are a butter-laden, high-carb indulgence, but they make the transition to good fats and smart carbs beautifully, yielding crisp, nutty-tasting waffles with all the sweet pleasure of the original. The batter can also be used for pancakes.

Recipe: Multi-Grain Waffles

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Whole-Grain Waffles with Cherry Sauce

Whole-Grain Waffles with Ch…

Cornmeal adds appealing texture to these waffles and hot cherry sauce is a tasty, nutrient-rich alte…View slide
Multi-Grain Waffles

Multi-Grain Waffles

Traditional waffles are a butter-laden, high-carb indulgence, but they make the transition to good f…View slide
Carrot Cake Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

Carrot Cake Waffle Breakfas…

Carrot cake for breakfast? Why not! This innovative healthy waffle breakfast-sandwich recipe uses wh…View slide
Rhubarb Waffles with Rhubarb Sauce

Rhubarb Waffles with Rhubar…

These light and crispy rhubarb waffles are made with whole-wheat flour and egg whites and topped wit…View slide
EatingWell Waffles

EatingWell Waffles

These healthy waffles are made from a blend of whole-wheat and regular flour plus nonfat buttermilk …View slide
Chunky Blueberry Sauce

Chunky Blueberry Sauce

Easy to make, this intensely flavored blueberry sauce is delicious at home on a stack of pancakes or…View slide
Quick Mixed Berry Pancake Sauce

Quick Mixed Berry Pancake S…

In this healthy, quick pancake sauce recipe, berries—such as strawberries, blueberries and raspber…View slide
Vanilla Cream

Vanilla Cream

This versatile creamy topping blends the nutritional virtues and creamy texture of drained nonfat yo…View slide
Strawberry Topping

Strawberry Topping

Macerating sliced strawberries in a little sugar creates a flavorful fruity syrup that soaks delicio…View slide
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