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Roasting a whole large fish in a salt crust might seem scary, but it’s actually quite simple. It’s just a matter of placing the fish on top of a bed of salt and patting a layer of salt over the fish—the salt seals in the juices, but amazingly doesn’t overwhelm the fish with a salty taste. Present the whole salt-crusted fish at the table if you’d like, then take it to the kitchen to deconstruct it.

Recipe: Whole Roasted Fish in a Salt Crust

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Seven-Hour Leg of Lamb

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Roasted Quail with Muscadines

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Whole Roasted Fish in a Salt Crust

Whole Roasted Fish in a Sal…

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Michel Nischan’s Roast Turkey with Potato Pan Gravy

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Braised Lamb Shanks & Eggplant

Braised Lamb Shanks & Eggplant

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Ginger-Marinated Leg of Lamb with Israeli Couscous & Kale

Ginger-Marinated Leg of Lam…

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