A Full Harvest: Stuffed Vegetable Recipes for Fall

Fall vegetables take center stage in these delicious stuffed vegetable recipes.

Autumn is about abundance. Fields brim with vegetables soaked in a season’s worth of sun and rain. Before the first frost, temperamental crops like peppers and eggplants must be picked. Heartier cabbage and squash may linger. No wonder that until the 1500s the season was simply called “harvest” in Germanic languages. To celebrate the bounty, turn fall’s best vegetables into cornucopias of plenty. Try stuffing luscious roasted eggplant with curried pork and shrimp. Tuck briny oysters, nutty Parmesan and fresh herbs between tender artichoke leaves. You’ll never dismiss vegetables as simple sides again with our delicious stuffed vegetable recipes for fall. Download a FREE Cookbook with Our Best Fall Recipes!

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