One Bag of Groceries, 5 Fast Dinners

Serve up dinner for your family every night this week with these five recipes and one easy shopping list.

With this plan and one (preplanned) bag of groceries, you’ll have what you need for dinner every night this week. With a few choice ingredients on the shopping list (pork chops, snap peas), it’s easy to produce a fast and fabulous dinner (Pork Lo Mein) on a Thursday night. That’s because you’ve already cooked the pasta from the shopping bag on Wednesday, using half of it for Cincinnati Chili. The menu plan is designed so you eat the freshest ingredients first—asparagus on Monday’s Spring Pizza, scallops with cilantro rice on Tuesday (and you’ll use the rest of that cilantro the next night). Does that mean Friday is destined to be lonely leftovers or cuisine of questionable creativity? Not at all: on Tuesday you cooked extra rice, which set up Friday’s dinner (Rice, Cheddar & Spinach Pie) nicely. Wasn’t that deliciously thrifty of you!

Download a mini cookbook with all the recipes for this healthy weekly dinner meal plan plus a printable shopping list!

—Wendy Ruopp, Managing Editor

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