Healthy Weekly Dinner Plan: Warm & Cozy Weeknight Meals

Healthy Weekly Dinner Meal Plan: Warm & Cozy Weeknight Meals

Pictured Recipe: Turkey & Squash Soup

Five warming winter suppers that are easy on your waistline.

There are plenty of people who enjoy the piles of snow that come during the heart of winter. But I’d rather be in the kitchen, bundled in my most comfortable sweater, looking for new recipes to try. One night, I’ll cozy up to a bowl of Turkey & Squash Soup with tender turkey and sweet chunks of butternut squash. The next, I’ll have warm and gooey baked gnocchi with chard and white beans. My preferred winter activity of cooking hearty fare could easily get me into trouble weight-wise, but I’m careful to choose dishes that are satisfying and low-calorie. The recipes that follow are all under 360 calories and packed with sources of lean protein and fiber-rich vegetables. While the weather outside is frosty, I’ll be happy keeping warm and cozy in the kitchen.

—Hilary Meyer, Associate Food Editor

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