Healthy Weekly Dinner Meal Plan: Super Bowl Suppers

Easy, healthy and convenient, nothing beats these all-in-one-bowl meals.

In the transition to spring this year, we have a new way to present a complete meal. Enter dinner in a bowl! Each of these “super bowl” suppers layers everything you could want in a meal: tender-crisp vegetables, whole grains or a savory starch, and a tasty portion of protein. And because your whole dinner is in the bowl, there’s no need to make a separate side dish. Plus the recipes are fast. Chicken & Snap Pea Stir-Fry is ready in 35 minutes and so is Quick Shepherd’s Pie, with its brothy filling of lamb, carrots and corn topped with creamy mashed potatoes. Want to try a dish from our warmer-weather playbook? Layer gingery tuna tataki on quinoa with a fresh mix of carrots, cucumber, pickled onions and nori. Each one of these super bowl suppers will score big points on your table any night of the week.

—Wendy Ruopp, Managing Editor

Download a mini cookbook with all the recipes for this healthy weekly dinner meal plan plus a printable shopping list!

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