Healthy Weekly Dinner Meal Plan: Farmers' Market Fresh Dinners

5 quick and tasty meals that make the most of this season's best produce.

During farmers’ market season, on any given Saturday I’ll be part of the crowd strolling in the welcome sunlight from stall to stall. Visiting with the folks who grew, picked, packed and hauled the produce from their farms gives me an immediate grasp of what’s in season right now, right here. That’s local. So local, in fact, that the snap peas and fennel I’ve been craving are grown by a farmer who’s also one of our state representatives. That very night, I’ll turn them into a fresh and lovely slaw to pair with seared salmon. (The fennel fronds make a nice garnish.) Everywhere you look at the farmers’ market, dinner inspiration awaits.

—Wendy Ruopp

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