Easy, Healthy Thanksgiving Menu and Planner

By EatingWell Editors

Simple, delicious recipes for your easiest Thanksgiving yet.

Use this planner for our Easy Thanksgiving Menu to help you get most of the work done in advance so you can enjoy Thanksgiving Day while tending the bird and putting the finishing touches on the meal.

Make-Ahead Planner

Up to 3 days ahead:

Make the marmalade.
Make the pie.
Bake cornbread for the stuffing.

Up to 1 day ahead:

Make stock for the gravy.
Prepare the stuffing through Step 3.
Make the sweet potatoes.
Prepare filling and topping for the crumble.

Up to 8 hours before serving:

Prepare the Brussels sprouts through Step 1.

4 hours before serving:

Put the turkey in the oven.

2 hours before serving:

Assemble crumble and let come to room temperature.

1 hour or less before serving:

Reheat the stuffing.
Make the gravy.
Finish the Brussels sprouts.
Reheat the sweet potatoes.
Carve the turkey.
Bake the crumble.

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