Wine & Tomato Braised Chicken

January/February 2011

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Here chicken thighs cook in a simple herb-infused tomato-and-wine sauce. The bone-in thighs give it plenty of hearty flavor, and since you cook them without the skin, it keeps the dish healthy. There’s plenty of sauce, so serve it over pappardelle or brown rice. Steamed broccoli or sautéed broccoli rabe tossed with olive oil and a splash of lemon juice complete the meal.

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Chicken duo for two people, two nights

We used to make both dishes (thighs first night, gumbo second night) just for the second night's gumbo; we found the first night's thighs a bit bland, until, that is, we used organic fire-roasted diced tomatoes (Muir Glen's) instead of Hunt's, etc. Made a world of difference.

For 2 people, we make rice (using a cup of dried brown basmati) to use for both nights. We make a half recipe for the thighs (5 thighs) and eat one apiece the first night, over about half the cooked rice. (If one of us were a big eater, we'd use 6 thighs, eating 3 the first night.)

The second night, we make a full recipe of the gumbo, eat what we want that night, adding rice toward the end of the simmer, and always have enough left over for a great lunch the next day.

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g_mckelvey wrote 1 year 31 weeks ago

I'm with you both...finding

I'm with you both...finding healthy recipes for two ppl is sooo difficult! TEN servings? Come on...Great suggestions here: thanks!

Anonymous wrote 2 years 51 weeks ago

Good suggestions - thanks! We

Good suggestions - thanks! We are also two, and have problems with too many leftovers.


Whoa, this is good!!! Bacon and fennel - a perfect marriage!


This dish was really yummy and very easy! I used a cheap cooking wine, so I think next time I will try a better wine. I served it over brown rice with some red potatoes on the side.

Tender chicken
Loved it!

I used chicken breasts instead thighs because that's all I had. The recipe seemed to make a lot of juice so I spooned some of it off into a pan and thickened it with some homemade dry cream soup mix and poured it back onto the chicken. Served it with rice and it was delicious!

Good flavor, easy to make
Easy prep

I thought this was good. Not great, but I didn't have fennel seed and maybe that would have pulled everything together and I used a cheaper bottle of wine. I will make again, but will shred up the chicken, thicken up the sauce and put of polenta next time. It's worth a shot, and I think the recipe has a lot of potential so give it a whirl.

Easy prep

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