Whole-Wheat Burger Buns

Summer 2002

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No store-bought bun can compare with rustic, wheaty, homemade burger buns like these.

Whole-Wheat Burger Buns Recipe

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How can this be healthy with SUGAR in the recipe. So disappointed in this website, my first time on it after googling "healthy burger bun"

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Anonymous wrote 6 weeks 1 day ago

Just because there is sugar

Just because there is sugar doesn't make it unhealthy. The two tsp of sugar provides food for the yeast to properly activate... and when you divide 2 tsp sugar between eight burgers, that's 1/4 tsp of (added refined) sugar per bun. Not a lot. Please refrain from making rash reviews of a recipe you haven't even tried yet, simply because "sugar" is one of the ingredients. These are great - though admittedly, not 100% whole wheat.

Loved these!

They taste amazing...


This recipe is NOT whole-wheat. The term should only be used for 100% whole wheat, not a mix.

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Anonymous wrote 10 weeks 6 days ago

The term "whole-wheat" is

The term "whole-wheat" is used to indicate the presence of the ingredient, whole-wheat flour. It is not meant to imply that the dough is ALL whole-wheat.

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