Vegetarian Taco Salad

May/June 2010

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Nobody will miss the meat in this colorful, zesty vegetarian taco salad. The rice and bean mixture can be made ahead and the salad quickly assembled at mealtime. Recipe by Nancy Baggett for EatingWell.

"It was rather dry so we added prepared salsa and enjoyed it more. "

47 Reviews for Vegetarian Taco Salad


Great food, though perhaps not as healthy as it could be with that quantity cheese and tortilla chips. I added less of both, and also added in some grated carrot and sliced spring onion - delicious!

a tasty disaster

Hmmm. So 17 grams of fat per serving is now 'healthy' for the heart? Cheese and chips are good for the heart? Who are you kidding? Why are you supporting the producers of these products, and not our health? For money? I think so. Look at the medical articles and research at this site:
or go to your nearest medical library and look at the research en masse. Please, Eating Well, take care of us with ideas that do without the fat.

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Anonymous wrote 1 year 18 weeks ago

For a regular 2,000 calorie

For a regular 2,000 calorie diet, 17g of fat is considered reasonable in a meal, since a diet for someone not trying to lose weight includes 56-78g of fat in an entire day. Even for someone trying to lose weight, on a 1,600 calorie diet, 44-62g is considered fine. Either use reduced fat or fat free cheese and less of it, and (although this doesn't really cut out a lot of fat) use whole grain tortilla chips (not fried in oil, and check the ingredients to make sure you're getting whole grain corn, not a mix of whole grain and refined grains.) If you're eating an entirely fat free diet, you're not eating a well balanced diet, and dairy (cheese) is included as part of a balanced diet. Balance involves moderation. 17g of fat is acceptable in one meal for someone trying to maintain weight, and for those trying to lose it, cut out some of the cheese.

Tasty and filling!

A lot of flavor. Great dinner I made it as per recipe and then I made it with some grilled chicken added to it and both ways are great. My whole family including kids 7 and under loved. Doesn't look like it but a small bowl will fill you up.

Easy, anyone can make this
Great Summer Salad!

Very Tasty.... awesome vegetarian version of a taco salad!!!


This was a fabulous family dinner - perfect for meatless Monday. Kids loved it as did my husband and I. This was so flavorful and simple to make. I prepped everything ahead of time but then was counting down the minutes to eat it. Sadly there was not one bit of leftovers.


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