Tofu Parmigiana

March/April 2008

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Instead of having a greasy, battered coating, the tofu “steaks” in our revamped Parmigiana are breaded and lightly pan-fried in just a small amount of oil then topped with part-skim mozzarella, fresh basil and your favorite marinara sauce. This Italian classic will please even those who are tofu-phobic.

"I made this with daiya (vegan) cheese and it was delish. Served it with a little angel hair and a spinach salad. "
Tofu Parmigiana

38 Reviews for Tofu Parmigiana


I made this with daiya (vegan) cheese and it was delish. Served it with a little angel hair and a spinach salad.


I have never minded eating tofu and regularly cook several recipes containing tofu. This one, however, is terrific! It's a bit of work, but it's another one of those recipes where dinner is on the table in 30 minutes (although it's a fairly busy 30 minutes!). I cooked this in an electric skillet which I find browns tofu better than most pans on the stove. I may freeze the tofu next time, as someone suggested, since that gives it a firmer texture. Still, awesome recipe, just as is!


I'm vegan but look on this site for healthy recipes for my omni boyfriend. I decided to look up some vegetarian recipes on here and saw this. It looks wonderful and definitely able to veganize it with Soy Parm and Daiya Mozzarella cheese. However, I'm a bit surprised you didn't mention pressing or freezing the tofu. Doing so creates a much meatier/chewier texture. I press mine using the Tofu Xpress which works phenomenally. However, the old fashioned way with plates, towels and weights will work well also. I will probably also marinate the tofu before baking. Plain old tofu has never been a fave of mine lol Thanks for the base recipe :)


So yummy! Made it for my parents last night- neither of which are Tofu eaters. They loved it!! I was out of mushrooms so I used zucchini instead which was lovely. To accompany this dish i grilled some veggies (baby carrots, zucchini, cauliflower, and broccoli), and a small side green salad. I will make it again for sure! :)


Like many others it was my first time cooking tofu. I cut the recipe in half and it turned out very well. I will make it again but need to figure out how to add some additional flavor or how spice it up.


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