Tofu au Vin

January/February 2010

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You don’t have to be a vegetarian to love this meat-free twist on the classic French dish coq au vin (chicken and mushrooms simmered in a red-wine sauce). Serve with: Whole-wheat egg noodles and sautéed spinach.

"I thought this was bordering on disgusting as written. There was so much wine in the recipe that never had a chance to cook off that when I ate it the next day for lunch at work, I realized I got a slight buzz off the alcohol. I have...
Tofu au Vin

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I thought this recipe was awesome. I took some precautions though, knowing it would be a bit "winey." First, I pressed the tofu by slicing it,putting it between two towels, and weighting the top. This made sure that the tofu absorbed the balsamic vinegar once it was fried. After making the wine sauce, I added 2 tbs of brown sugar to take the edge off the "winey" taste. It was delicious!


This was quite good, but I modified the recipe because I didn't like the way the sauce was coming together. I added a tablespoon of tomato paste and a little water so the sauce wasn't so thick. Once I added the tofu back, I let the mixture simmer, covered, over very low heat for 20 minutes.


This was just OK, not great. Because the sauce cooks so fast, it is too winey and not mellow enough. The tofu does not pck up the flavors of the sauce well. Adding some bacon might improve flavor and make more authentic. Add this to Kung Pao tofu, Saag tofu and several other EW recipes that sounnd great but just don't deliver on taste. (Skillet parmesan tofu is awesome however)


I would make this again, but would reduce the vinegar, and I'd let the sauce simmer a bit longer. Next time I might try adding a bit of Worcestershire sauce to up the umami.


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