Tex-Mex Summer Squash Casserole

Summer 2004, The EatingWell Diabetes Cookbook (2005)

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Chiles and cheese turn mild summer squash into a zesty, satisfying casserole. The jalapenos make this dish quite hot; if you prefer a milder version, use a second can of diced green chiles instead.

"I would like to say, for the record, I have no idea what "summer squash" is. LoL I assumed it was the yellow squash and that's what I used. The flavor was great, the texture was not. My husband hated it. He ate it a little of it for...
Tex-Mex Summer Squash Casserole

23 Reviews for Tex-Mex Summer Squash Casserole

Easy to make and delicious!

I made the recipe as instructed just this first time to test and it came out very tasty. It was quick and easy to prepare, just chop and combine a few things and let the oven do the work! It was a bit spicy for the more wussy of my guests but I loved it. It used up five medium-small yellow summer squash.

I think this concoction could even be thrown into a tortilla and made into a healthy burrito. There seemed to be plenty of cheese and flavor so next time I might try adding a little less on top or substitute light cheese and see how that goes.

Uses up a lot of squash! Great flavor and ease of prep
Cumin and Chili Powder Kicked it Up!

We made this with patty pan squash, since our share had an abundance, and 3 of those made for a veggie overflow. I love the stir-in flour idea, so much easier than having to pan-prep something else.

We did halve the recipe to use an 8x8 pan, and got 6 hearty servings instead. Made it the night before, and viola, an easy weeknight meal for the fam.

The extra-sharp cheese really made this come together, but we also tossed in maybe 1 t. of cumin and half that of chili powder, plus a bit of queso fresca we had to use up, and got a nice sloppy slice, just like our King Ranch chicken.

This would be a killer alternative of King Ranch for vegetarians, and we may try squash instead of tortillas next time we make that!

Shallots and jalapeno replaced the red onions and scallions as garnish because we didn't have them, and it came out really cute.

Biggest surprise: My kid relished this dish.

Great use of squash, and kid friendly
The final dish, kid approved

One of, if not the best meatless squash casseroles I've prepared. I've been cooking for a long,long time and am always looking for healthy recipes. Will forward this one to my family and friends!

Great Base Recipe

I added black beans, chopped tomato and frozen corn to make this more of a meal. I also added spices to the veggies, cumin, garlic and onion powder, chipotle lime, and pepper. Along with some flour (I didn't measure it out) I added cornmeal, since people found it to be too liquid-y. My dish came out amazing! This is def a keeper recipe!

Great base, make it what you want!
Definitely A Keeper

This dish was so good. Made it for a church function and everyone loved it. I used 2 cans of green chilies instead of the jalepenos. Next time I will do 1/2 zuchinni and maybe some chicken to make it a full meal.


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