Swirled Cheesecake Brownies

Summer 2004, The Essential EatingWell Cookbook (2004)

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Made with whole-wheat flour, these decadent-tasting brownies have a beautiful marbled cheesecake topping. Cutting them into bite-size pieces helps to keep the calorie count in check.

"I made a batch of these brownies today and they were so good! I will definitely make these again. The whole-wheat flour gave them a bit chewier texture and next time I will add a bit of shredded coconut to the brownie base....yum. "
Swirled Cheesecake Brownies

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Delectable Brownies

This was the very first time I made brownies from scratch and I was looking for a healthy recipe. With some healthy recipes, the taste is sacrificed. That was not the case with this recipe. It was absolutely delicious!! I did bake the brownie 5 minutes longer, to battle the gooeyness, and they were superb. My favorite part of this recipe was dragging the knife through the batters to make the swirls. I believe you could make a specific shape based on what the occasion is.

Delicious, Delicious, and Delicious!! Fun to Make, Rich
Swirled Cheesecake Brownies
Outstanding brownies

Wow! Made these - and they're GONE. I did change it a bit - for Cocoa powder - I used 1/2 Cocoa and 1/2 Dark Chocolate powder. Will definitely keep these on the DO MAKE AGAIN List! thanks

Healthy, flavorful
So Good

I made it substituting the oil for unsweetened applesauce. I also didn't know what the difference was between pastry whole wheat flour and the whole wheat flour I use in everything else (including this) but It came out perfect, tasty, and moist! I wish it looked like the picture but they don't last very long in our household.

Needs Tweaking

I've made this twice. On the first go, I would have only given it 2-stars, but in all fairness, I had to make my own whole-wheat pastry flour (I googled it) and I didn't have any yogurt. I live in the country, and our store just doesn't carry some things. I used a bit of milk instead of yogurt in the cream cheese. The batter was very runny, and the cream cheese topping sank to the bottom of the pan in thick gobs. It was very tasty, although it was still quite runny, even after baking for an extra 10 minutes. It thickened in the fridge, and was actually quite yummy the next day.

So I decided to try it again, on Valentine's Day. But I used a different brownie recipe, still going with whole-wheat, but not in pastry flour form. This time it turned out much better. I used quite a bit more low-fat cream cheese, and quite a bit more milk (still no yogurt at the store ={ ) The brownie batter was much thicker, and the cream cheese topping was runny enough to spread over top. It cooked well and was delicious!

I will definitely try the original recipe again, once I get to the city for the correct flour (and for yogurt), but I think that I would still play with the cream cheese topping a bit, as I'd like to see it turn out moister and creamier.

I gave it 4 stars, as there are some whole-wheat brownie recipes that I like better. However, my sweetie ate it and he enjoyed it, so I'd say this recipe was definitely a keeper!

Great chocolate flavor with just a hint of cream cheese; also quite healthy.
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ms.cfraser wrote 4 years 48 weeks ago

Also< I noticed a few people suggesting using applesauce for oil, and Splenda products for the sugars. In addition to the low-fat or fat-free cream cheese, I would also suggest using those products. Especially if you follow the WeightWatchers diet plan, or have other health concerns. These things will help to drastically cut fats and calories, and still retain the yummy flavor!


I made a batch of these brownies today and they were so good! I will definitely make these again. The whole-wheat flour gave them a bit chewier texture and next time I will add a bit of shredded coconut to the brownie base....yum.


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