Sweet Potato-Peanut Bisque

September/October 2009

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This satisfying vegetarian, sweet potato soup is inspired by the flavors of West African peanut soup. We like the added zip of hot green chiles, but they can sometimes be very spicy. It’s best to take a small bite first and add them to taste. Try chopped peanuts and scallions for a different garnish. Serve with a mixed green salad with vinaigrette.

"I always told my husband that I don't like sweet potatoes, but after he made this amazing soup, I became a converted fan of the spud! The flavors blend perfectly - there is no dominant aroma or taste despite the non-traditional...
Sweet Potato-Peanut Bisque

65 Reviews for Sweet Potato-Peanut Bisque

Not quite authentic but good

I am Nigerian so I eat/make peanut soup a lot. We usually never put cilantro in it so I was skeptical when I saw this recipe called for it. I personally didn't notice any added bonus by adding the cilantro but it was still good nonetheless. Old school peanut soup used grounded peanut so I prefer to use chunky peanut butter rather than smooth, I also use tomato paste/puree with water rather than tomato juice (it's cheaper than tomato juice and you don't have to worry about buying low sodium since tomato puree has only trace amounts of sodium to start with) and I blend all the sweet potato instead of just some. I also use cayenne pepper instead of green chiles usually. Tried it with the green chiles this time. I think by adding the chiles and cilantro, you move it away from Africa and more towards Asia, not as authentic but still a good copy.

Excellent Recipe... very well balanced flavours

This is a delicious recipe! No disappointments here! If you want to make this a meal, add extra protein by blending in some soft tofu! I did and it was still most delicious...

Yum tasty!

We made this last week and it was super good! I just had abdominal surgery so I'm on a liquid/mushy diet and was just so sick of all the standard soups. I came across this and decided to give it a shot. Yea! So flippin tasty! And easy! And inexpensive! The people who say it's too much pb are probably using jif or something of the sort. This is one of those times you should use natural. Go to the coop and get some of the fresh ground stuff.

Personally, I hate cilantro, so I used scallions and chopped peanuts as the garnish and it was excellent. Just to see how it turns out, I'm going to try this with pumpkin instead of potatoes to save some more calories :) Not sure if I can update the review, but if I can, I'll let you know how it turns out.

Delicious and easy and full of good for you stuff :)
Filling, healthy, and easy

I made this for myself yesterday and probably have enough to last me a week.

Pretty simple to make. You can mash the potatoes as you would mashed potatoes. If they're soft enough, this will save you the annoying task of cleaning a blender or food processor.

If I make it again, I'll use less peanut butter (it's a little sweet) and more chiles.

WARNING: This soup is very filling. Don't fill an entire bowl expecting to eat it all.

Awsome :)

Really great, makes a lot!!! will have left over for days and enought to play with it like add the rice or the chicken others mentioned.

great easy recipe

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