Slow-Cooker Stout & Chicken Stew

January/February 2012

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Chicken thighs can take plenty of cooking without getting tough or drying out, which makes them perfect for the slow cooker. Here we braise them in Guinness stout along with hearty vegetables, with just the right amount of bacon for added savoriness.

Slow-Cooker Stout & Chicken Stew Recipe

35 Reviews for Slow-Cooker Stout & Chicken Stew

In need of a kick...

I followed this to the letter and have to agree with the previous poster, it really is lacking in some dominate flavor. The chicken falls apart and the consistancy of the sauce and vegi's is great. My husband wanted to dump hot sauce on it...not a good sign. I will make this again but will be doctoring it up.

Chicken was fall apart good, beer made a wonderful sauce

I'm not sure whether I made the same recipe as everyone else. There's something missing in this one. The ingredients are great, the bacon/flour/stout mixture smells incredible when you're cooking it. After some time, the crockpot fills the house with wonderful aromas and then you take it out and there's virtually no flavor--and I used the dash of worcestershire sauce someone recommended. I'm pretty sure I followed the recipe to the letter.

I really wanted to like this. A healthy chicken stew would be great to have on our regular rotation, but this is lacking something. Sadly, I have a feeling that what it's lacking is beef. We kept saying that maybe lack of fat or salt was responsible for the blandness, but I think the ingredients are just better suited to highlighting beef. There's also not a lot of depth to the spice mix. One would think salt, pepper, thyme, guinness, onions garlic would be enough, but this definitely needs some additional complexity.

It was worth a try, but for crockpot chicken, I think I'll keep doing a paprika chicken or maybe try a coq au vin.

The smell as it was cooking, ingredients, simple recipe
Great meal for a cold winter night

A really tasty recipe for a chilly night. I thought it could use a bit more salt (my husband thought it was fine as is). We added green beans instead of peas. We served it over couscous one night and pasta the next. Great meal!

Easy to make, very rich flavor
Hearty and warming

This is a delicious recipe. I ended up using a bit more chicken thighs (almost 3lbs) and used more peas (I like them). I also backed off a tad on the flour. I imagine you could substitute chick peas if you like instead of regular peas (or green beans as the other reviewer did). One thing I think this recipe is missing, and I added it to the leftover stew is Worcestershire sauce (I used a L&P low sodium). Added a needed zip I think.

inexpensive, easy clean-up, customizing options
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Anonymous wrote 2 years 5 weeks ago

Good flavor, easy,

Good flavor, easy, inexpensive, smells wonderful while cooking ...

I'm trying to eat healthier, and I was given a subscription to this magazine as a gift from a family member. I thought I'd give a recipe a try, and this one caught my attention, as it is different than what I normally make in a crock pot.

The flavor was nice, but as previous posts indicated, the flavor was a bit bland - it just needed a little something extra for the right balance. So, I did add some extra salt (go easy), and my go to for just such instances, some Wyler's Chicken Crystals (go easy). That helped, but it still needed a little bit more contrast (tomato-based), so I squirted in a few squirts of ... ketchup. That added the vinegar flavor and gave it that little extra zip. It's easy to over-due with this, so go slow and keep tasting until you're satisfied - don't want it to taste of ketchup (tomato paste may also work). After these slight tweaks, it was fine. I will be making this again in future, with my modified version to the recipe. The modifications are small, but add that little something extra it needed. Overall, tasty recipe!

Delicious, cheap, and easy

My husband and I both loved this recipe. We are even planning on having it again this weekend. We used green beans instead of peas because peas are disgusting. Sooooo yummy.


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