Spiced Chickpea “Nuts”

September/October 2009

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When roasted in a hot oven, chickpeas become super crunchy. They’re a great low-fat substitute for nuts when salty cravings hit.

"I didn't have those two spices so I improvised and it still tasted great! Everyone loved it. Had to cook the chickpeas for 45 minutes though for them to get really crunchy. Great recipe!! "

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I really like it... and I add some brown sugar and cinnamon, it was heaven!!

Exploding beans?

When I removed the tray after 15 minutes to stir, one of the garbanzos blew up in my face. After the second 15 minutes, they were all over the oven. I don't think that this is a repeat for me.

Easy snack
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Anonymous wrote 3 years 29 weeks ago

Mine exploded also. So i

Mine exploded also. So i turned the oven off. Then the chick peas were chewy not crisp.

Crunchy, healthy snack

I agree that this is a very good recipe. What I like is that you can adapt the seasonings to meet your taste preferences. Cayenne pepper is a good addition if you like hot and spicy. I used 5-spice yesterday and enjoyed that flavor profile. I lowered the oven temp to 400 and cooked for 45 minutes.

Easy, adaptable
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Anonymous wrote 1 year 50 weeks ago

Did this and worked real

Did this and worked real good!

Good Snack

This was a very good snack, but I probably won't make this recipe again. This is one of those snacks that needs to be eaten within a day because the chickpeas lose their crunch fairly quickly. Also, they required a lot longer to cook than the recipe stated. This would be a good dish to make for a party or a long car ride. I would suggest toasting the spices on the stove with the oil before coating the chickpeas and baking. This would bring out the flavor of the spices a lot more.

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Anonymous wrote 4 years 11 weeks ago

I stored mine in a brown

I stored mine in a brown paper sack which kept them sure to bake them long enough so they dehydrate and are crunchy. Yum


I made a batch today. I like the texture, but the spices was a little bland for me. I'll try it again, but use different spices.

easy, healthy snack

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