Spanish Tortilla

March/April 2007

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Don't confuse this with the flour or corn tortillas you use to make wraps. A Spanish tortilla is a potato-and-egg omelet found on numerous menus throughout Spain. Traditionally these are cooked in heaps of olive oil. Our version uses less oil, so it's lower in calories, and if you use precooked diced potatoes, it's faster too.

"I've been making a tortilla espanola for years! One of my all time favorites. Even with experience, it is so hard to flip unless you make a small one (in a small pan) - if making a large one, a trick is to use a pan that you can put in...
Spanish Tortilla

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This is almost identical to the Italian Frittata that my family has made for the past 65 years. I precook the potatoes in the microwave while I am cooking the onion. I find it easy to flip this over the sink, using my largest dinner plate. It's worth the effort and if I served it every day, no one would complain.


Coming from a Spanish household, tortillas were always a part of our menus. Never use olive oil, it imparts its own taste. Use instead canola which does not take away from the taste of the ingredients. Whatever u use in your tortilla, season well...salt/pepper. Try one with those overripe bananas, OMG, sweet and awesome. Do one with ground meat, cheese, onions, peas.....salad as a side. Just love them.



This has quickly become my favorite breakfast! I use the diced potatoes with onions already in them to save on time, habanero jack cheese to spice it up a little, and put the cover on my pan for a little to help set the top, then flipped it. Could definitely use different ingrediants just as easily, but the fresh spinach and potatoes are delicioso!

After Living in Spain...

and having made innumerable tortilla espanolas since returning, my one problem was always the amount of oil you use. Traditionally, you fill the pan with an inch of oil to fully cook the potatoes first, then the onions second. I would swap the cooking of these two ingredients, as the potatoes take much longer. Cook until the are starting to fall apart around the edges and then add the onions. Also, allow potato/onion mixture to cool completely before adding to the eggs to prevent the eggs from cooking early. A tip that I like to use to get a really nice set tortilla is to allow the potato/egg mixture to soak in the refrigerator for 20 to 30 minutes. Flipping is very hard, but getting a plat that completely covers the pan helps, and the plate needs to be flat as well. To prevent sticking, coat the pan (bottom and sides) with a little oil. The great thing about tortillas is you can add ANYTHING to them. Cheese, meats, vegetables .... enjoy!

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Anonymous wrote 2 years 40 weeks ago

These were all over

These were all over northern/coastal Spain when I visited last month and so delicious - hot or room temperature. What size pan is used?

Amazing with a Few Tweaks

Followed this recipe to a "T" and thought that the bottom was a bit overdone but the potatoes ended up not being cooked completely through. I will definitely make this again, but at a slightly lower temperature and a little bit longer cook time. It will be easy to swap in other veggies and cheeses. I'll probably try peppers, squash, or cottage cheese next to change up the recipe.

Great use of spinach, Simple twist on an omelet

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