Shrimp with Mango & Basil

February/March 2005, The EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry Cookbook (2006)

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This one-pan stir-fry is an Indian feast of sweet shrimp, perfumy mangoes and spicy basil. It's guaranteed to evoke dinnertime oohs and ahhs. Carbs are a time-tested way to take the pop out of the heat, so make sure you have plenty of aromatic jasmine rice to go with this fiery dish. Use prepeeled shrimp to make preparation a breeze.

"This has become one of my favorite recipes. It's incredibly easy if you use peeled shrimp, and delightfully tasty. I brought some to work today for lunch, and several of my coworkers commented on how good it looked and smelled. "Hey,...
Shrimp with Mango & Basil

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Fast, easy, good, but needs more

Made this last night and was quite impressed with the very tasty flavor from so simple a set up (just 3 ingredients on the shrimp?!). The turmeric helps subdue any strong shrimp flavor so you get a pleasant savoriness from them. It was certainly quick and easy, and my only complaint is that I really wanted there to be some more liquid with the dish. We served it with pineapple rice and just wished for a little more sauciness to the shrimp. Plus there was all the nice fond on the pan that could have been brought up for flavor. If I make again, i would add a splash of water, broth, or maybe even white wine to help in that regard.

Quick, simple, tasty
Delicious & great starting point

The shrimp is delicious; I rarely marinate shrimp in advance of throwing it into a pan, and this was worth it. The cayenne was super spicy and worked well with the mango. I also added a red pepper, a yellow pepper, a red onion, and some lime juice. Also, served this for 2 because let's be real... 183 calories is NOT dinner! Made some couscous with extra fresh basil and lime juice mixed in. Will definitely make again.


Made this tonight for dinner. It was delicious. My boyfriend normally hates any type of seafood, but the spices in this dish completely erase any type of fishy taste. I changed the recipe a little and used 2 mangoes and extra chili powder. I also simplified it by buying the pre-cooked shrimp, so all I had to do was heat everything up and it was ready to go in a few minutes. Really fast to make, I will definitely make this again.

Great heat and taste
Refreshing, filling, with a little kick

I thought this recipe was awesome. The seasoning on the shrimp is definitely the highlight. I don't like super spicy foods, so I used the lower amount of cayenne. It had a good kick without being too hot. It would be fantastic on a bed of rice.

Easy to make. Only 5 Weight Watcher Points.
Amazing, bright flavors!

I am so glad I tried this recipe! I made it as written, except I used those teeny "popcorn" sized shrimp, so they were already bite sized and no tails to worry about. I also didn't have tumeric but I don't think it needs it.

I can't wait to make this again. I found frozen mango that I hope works as well (made the first time with fresh). The frozen mango would make it possible for me to keep the main ingredients on hand and not worry about a fresh mango going bad or not being ripe enough.

The sweet and spicy combo was just right for me, but it does have a kick so use less cayenne if you're sensitive to spicy foods. I made this with couscous (cooked with low sodium chicken broth), and it was amazing! I actually ended up mixing it together on my plate. It reheated very well for lunch the next day.

I think I'll try this with pineapple (adding to or subbing for the mango) as one reviewer mentioned for a little variety, and I could also see subbing the shrimp for chunks of chicken breast.

This is a must try recipe in my book. Yum!

Quick, easy, delicious!
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Anonymous wrote 1 year 9 weeks ago

Me again... I decided this

Me again... I decided this need more veggies! Try adding 2 cups sugar snap peas, or 2 cups fresh spinach (cook until just wilted). Makes this a more well-rounded and filling meal without too many extra calories. I also liked the idea of chopped bell peppers another reviewer mentioned. You can't go wrong with more veggies!

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