Shrimp Saganaki

September/October 2008

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Shrimp top a delicious saute of fennel, scallions and feta in this version of saganaki. A saganaki is a shallow, two-handled skillet that is one of the most traditional cooking vessels in Greece. Saganaki is also the fried cheese, made in the pan, that is one of Greece's most famous appetizers.

"This is the most delicious meal I have ever had! Don't be deterred by the fennel - the end result tastes nothing like licorice. I highly recommend. "
Shrimp Saganaki

8 Reviews for Shrimp Saganaki

Top ten new recipe

This recipe rocks. I have added it to my top ten. I will make this again for sure.

Very few ingredients and Fast!

This is such a good recipe but I must admit that I did play with ingredients to make it go a bit "farther". I added some leftover spaghetti noodles to the fennel and green onion and I added garlic as well....spaghetti came after the fennel, onion and garlic had softened. I also added another hit of lemon juice and a bit of the feta brine to pop it. Very good.

Easy, Quick Prep
Clarifying instructions

I read the recipe and was confused at step 3. It says to "Transfer the shrimp to a plate." It goes on to say, "Add [other ingredients] to the pan and stir until the cheese begins to melt [.]" In step 3 it says to serve the shrimp over the fennel mixture. My question was: what do I do with the lemon juice/pepper/feta? Since in step 2 the shrimp are placed on top of the fennel mixture, and since the rest of the instruction doesn't mention adding the remaining ingredients to the fennel mixture, I didn't know whether, when the shrimp are removed, so is the rest of the fennel mixture, or whether you remove ONLY the shrimp. Looking at the photo, it appears you remove ONLY the shrimp and add the remaining ingredients (lemon juice/pepper/feta) to the fennel mixture. It appears the shrimp merely steam over the fennel mixture and then are removed leaving everything else in the pan. When the shrimp are almost done (don't overcook -- they will continue to "cook" after removal due to carryover cooking), remove them (keep warm in foil) and proceed adding the remaining ingredients. When the cheese begins to melt, plate the cheesy-fennel mixture and top with shrimp. Sorry if this is obvious, but I cook a LOT and, but for the photo, could not tell what the instructions meant.

Excellant! even with a substitution

Made according to directions, but am allergic to fennel, so substituted chopped cabbage. Excellant sauce! yummy flavours. Will definately do again. Served with spinach parmesan cakes from this website.

So good!

This is the first time I have ever used fennel, and it is so tasty. I never would have thought to use it because of the licorice-like smell, but the taste is so different after it's been cooked. Fennel isn't expensive, but since this recipe only calls for the bulb, I found another recipe which calls for the fronds (the feathery ends) so that I wouldn't have to waste the rest of it.The entire meal was delicious -- the only thing I did differently was I used some pre-cooked medium shrimp instead of raw jumbo, but I doubt that it affected the end result. I will definitely make this recipe again!!

Great taste

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