Shrimp Dumplings

September/October 2013

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This healthy shrimp-and-cabbage dumpling recipe makes a big batch, so you can eat some for dinner and freeze some for later. To vary the dumpling filling, try ground turkey instead of the shrimp. Look for wonton wrappers in a refrigerated case—usually near tofu. Serve with reduced-sodium soy sauce or mix up this quick dipping sauce recipe: 1/2 cup reduced-sodium soy sauce mixed with 2 tablespoons lime juice and 2 teaspoons toasted sesame oil.

Shrimp Dumplings

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I was pleasantly surprised how good they were. With regards to cooking....mine also stuck. I did freeze half and will have to try a little different cooking method. Very authentic taste. The 1 tbls called for in filling was too much. We used 1-2 tsp. My 6 yr old son helped fill and fold the dumplings!

easy to make, authentic taste
Loads of shrimp!

The filling is easy to make and the seasoning makes even the raw filling smell delicious. I cooked some and froze the rest, cooking three batches over a couple of weeks. The first batch stuck to the pan. The second and third batches weren't much better. I followed the directions once, modified heat/oil/pan surface/water/cooking time for the next two batches, all without success. My results were tasty but not pretty.

Pretty easy, smells and tastes delicious
Newbie Question - should I have cooked the ground turkey?

I'm just getting in to cooking so forgive me for the obvious. I made these over the weekend using the ground turkey and froze them. Now, I'm wondering if the turkey should have been cooked before I stuffed the dumplings, or will it cook inside the dumplings during the 8-10 minutes on the stove with the water? If it should have been cooked, please modify the online recipe to read "cooked ground turkey.

If it should have been cooked, is there any way to salvage the dumplings so we can safely eat them?

easy, fun to make, smelled great - look forward to trying
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anitaboyd wrote 2 years 39 weeks ago

The recipe calls for uncooked

The recipe calls for uncooked shrimp, too. The dumpling is small, and the meat portion is small. I'm not an expert, but my cooking experience tells me that, if you follow the storage and cooking directions, the turkey will cook. If you are still concerned, you could partially cook the turkey before adding it to the filling. I recommend breaking it up a lot as you cook, if you do, to maintain the filling consistency. Precooking could make the final product dry, though.

Really tasty!

I made the variation with ground turkey. Next time I will add a bit more of the cabbage. They were just delicious.

Fun to make, makes lots so I have another meal in the freezer.

We subbed tofu for the shrimp and added some chili garlic sauce to add flavor to the bland tofu. We tried the folding instructions in eating well and also those on the wonton wrappers- my family preferred the traditional wonton folding on the wrapper. These were really delicious and froze beautifully.


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