Sesame-Orange Shrimp

November/December 2009

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These shrimp are super-easy to make—just coat them in a simple batter, cook them in a little oil and toss with a tangy sesame-orange sauce. The staff at EatingWell simply could not get enough of these delicious shrimp while we were developing this recipe. Serve with: Brown basmati rice and steamed snow peas tossed with a little toasted sesame oil.

"This recipe was absolutely disgusting! I will never make it again and wasted alot of money on food that no one would eat. The coating would not stay on the shrimp, did not get crispy and made a horrid shrimp pancake....
Sesame-Orange Shrimp

51 Reviews for Sesame-Orange Shrimp

Easy, flavorful shrimp recipe

I recently made these with my finicky 8 y.o. son. At first, we thought the orange flavor would be a little overpowering, but it was just right. We used large (16-20 size) shrimp, which made the portion size a little small. Otherwise, we both loved it, and this recipe is a definite keeper!

Easy to make, delicious

The trick to frying any coated protein, is to get the oil very hot before you put the shrimp in and the batter will stay on.


These sesame shrimps was superb!!deliciouso... I dont know why this person says a bad comment? maybe she/he doesnt know how to cook?or tryin hard but there's no passion for cookin, thats why whatever she/he cook it will be bad and not eatable...

Try using when coating the shrimps with 50%flour and 50% cornflour
Excellent dinner! Please read!

I just had this for dinner tonight and I'm soooooo glad I didn't believe the review printed above the recipe!!! Why would you print that?! Obviously that person has never been inside a kitchen except to eat the food someone else had cooked!! This was so easy to make and the flavors blended together so well. The fresh, not cooked, scallions added the perfect finish. There wasn't any problem with the shrimp being crispy but they must be dry and make sure each shrimp is in a little oil so they can fry. I enjoyed this so much, I had two servings and I'm on a diet! This was so worth blowing it off for one dinner! Went very well with Ferrari-Carano Fume Blanc. It was sooooooo worth it!

Easy, fresh, flavorful, delicious and appetizing presentation.
The entire group loved it!

I am NOT a foodie, and feel some apprehension hosting dinner parties, but it was my turn. The group I served this dish to included women watching their weight & women who love cooking (you know the type, they pin 100's of recipes!) The group included 6 women & 4 men, and hands down every single person loved it. I was asked for the recipe by every couple, and was told it was the best home prepared shrimp dish they had ever had. :-)

It must be easy, even I could do it!

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