Sesame-Orange Shrimp

November/December 2009

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These shrimp are super-easy to make—just coat them in a simple batter, cook them in a little oil and toss with a tangy sesame-orange sauce. The staff at EatingWell simply could not get enough of these delicious shrimp while we were developing this recipe. Serve with: Brown basmati rice and steamed snow peas tossed with a little toasted sesame oil.

"This recipe was absolutely disgusting! I will never make it again and wasted alot of money on food that no one would eat. The coating would not stay on the shrimp, did not get crispy and made a horrid shrimp pancake....
Sesame-Orange Shrimp

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This recipe got thrown out right after i made the end I had egg and shrimp with orange juice. The egg "batter" didn't stick to the shrimp but instead made SCRAMBLED EGGS! UGG!

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Gabriella_7 wrote 3 years 16 weeks ago

My batter didn't stick at all

My batter didn't stick at all but we didn't care, it soaked up the sauce and it still tasted awesome. I don't even understand how you got scrambled eggs. Probably too much heat like the person below said, but this recipe is awesome.

Anonymous wrote 3 years 33 weeks ago

To much heat is why you ended

To much heat is why you ended up with scambled eggs.

Ginger and Garlic make it better!

I made this for my husband and myself this evening. I halved the shrimp and the batter, but made all of the sauce, substituting red wine vinegar for the sherry and adding some fresh grated garlic and fresh grated ginger. It was delicious!

Easy, inexpensive, yummy
Good with Modifications and Tips

I too, doubled the sauce because, well, I just love extra sauce. I served the whole thing over whole wheat egg style noodles and the veggies I had in my fridge, mushrooms and sugar snap peas.

First off, coat the shrimp really well in the batter. Then do like the recipe says - only cook about half of the shrimp at a time. Lay them down gently and don't let them touch each other. Let each side cook for about 2-3 minutes. DO NOT MOVE THEM AROUND. Just let the little buggers be. Then after a few minutes, turn them over with a pair of tongs, and let the other side cook for about 2 minutes. You'll see them brown nicely and they will be crispy for sure.

Like others, I added some ginger and hot red pepper flakes to the sauce mixture, and I let it reduce a great deal. Once it was nice and saucy, I poured it into a small bowl, and I quickly sauteed my mushrooms and sugar snap peas (ok and a clove of chopped garlic and lots of fresh cracked pepper) in the same pan. There wasn't much sauce in the pan, but the little bit left was the perfect amount to slightly coat the veggies.

To serve, I put some pasta in the bowl, then lightly drizzled the sauce on top. Lightly! Because it can be a little strong so a little goes a long way. Then I put shrimp on top and did another quick drizzle. I wasn't trying to drown them and I wanted to make sure they stayed crispy. I put the veggies on the side.

Everything came out perfect! Watch how you cook the shrimp and adjust the seasoning and ingredients of the sauce to match your taste!

super easy

I will make again but add a little fresh grated ginger to sauce.


The batter simply does not stick to the shrimp. I've made plenty of shrimp in my day and this technique did not work. I should have stuck to what I know.The sauce is also too sweet for my taste. I will not be making this again.


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