Savory Breakfast Muffins

April/May 2005, The EatingWell Diabetes Cookbook (2005)

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If you're tired of sweet breakfast muffins or just looking for a savory breakfast, try these--you'll love the smoky flavor from the Canadian bacon and the fresh-tasting combination of red bell pepper and scallions.

"When I took my first bite I said to myself "Where's the sweet?" I expected a muffin to be sweet. After eating one, I decided to try part of another with a tablespoon of All Fruit Blueberry (30 Cal/tbs). That did the trick. These could...
Savory Breakfast Muffins

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As is often the case with foreign recipes some explanation of ingredients would help. According to Wikipedia:
Canadian bacon, a US name for two different pork products - back bacon and a smoked ham (Also a comedy film and mountain in Washington)
Which of the two products was used in this recipe?
btw It's unfortunate that a rating is required to post a query.


These "savoury scones" are very popular in New Zealand and are part of the staple down there. We eat them with butter and they are plain, that's the way they are supposed to be. North American's are so used to sweet and over the top spice that I can understand how these would rate as needing some oomph!


I thought these were a little bland. I want to try them again but next time I will sub stone ground cornmeal for 1/2 the whole wheat and use canned green chiles (medium not mild) in place of the red pepper. I also think you need to use extra sharp cheddar to get any taste of cheese in them. I think it's worth playing with these because they make such a great quick breakfast, especially paired with the mini quiches also in this issue.


I think these have the potential to be Awesome! They were a little bland. However, recipes can always be adjusted. I think next time I will saute my bacon, onion, and bell peppers in the olive oil and butter first. I will also add some fresh garlic and do half the cheese in pepper jack. I think this will make them even better!!


Absolutely loved them!


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