Salmon Salad Sandwich

January/February 2010

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Salmon salad served on tangy pumpernickel bread makes for an easy dinner—a double batch will give you lunch the next day.

"Canned salmon is already cooked - think canned tuna "
Salmon Salad Sandwich

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And to Make It Even More Healthy...

1) Use wild-caught red sockeye salmon rather than pink salmon;
2) Try substituting 4 oz. of ripe avocado for the cream cheese.
3) Try substituting a sprouted grain bread for the pumpernickel.
4) And of course use organic ingredients whenever possible.

Educate yourself about salmon first.

The recipe calls for wild Alaska salmon. That is a good start. But the best sandwich will only be had with sockeye salmon. I am from wild Alaska salmon country and there is a world of difference between spring, chum, coho, etc. and sockeye. It costs more, but it tastes far better and usually has the best consistency. Treat yourself.

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Anonymous wrote 30 weeks 19 hours ago

Sockeye is one of the most

Sockeye is one of the most dry and fishy tasting salmons I've ever eaten. If you want good salmon, go for King.


Really delicious and a great way to eat canned salmon.

Fast, healthy, yummy, fresh

I've been hearing a lot of good things about salmon recently in terms of health benefits. Unfortunately, I've never really cared for salmon, but I actually liked this sandwich. It didn't taste too salmony at all. It tasted more like a tuna sandwich to me. As a 17 year old with little to no cooking experience, this recipe was so easy and nearly impossible to mess up. I made it all by myself! My mother was impressed. I used regular whole wheat instead of pumpernickel. We loved it.

Easy to make, tasty, healthy
love it!

I am not one to eat canned meat... but I got some canned salmon that was on discount. searched the web for a good recipe to try and this one stood out... no mayo... or alot of fat. Love it... I could use a bit more lemon and a little bit of salt but it is really good! I was concerned but it is rather surprising I want to go back to the store and buy more! red pepper flakes would be good in this too for just a bit of pop. so yummy!! should of taken a pic... but didn't now it is gone... ;)

the lemon gives it a nice tang

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