Salmon Rösti

January/February 2010

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Convenient frozen hash browns and flaked salmon come together for a twist on this traditional Swiss favorite. We love the creamy dill sauce, but a dollop of ketchup is tasty too. Serve with: Steamed green beans tossed with sliced scallions, Dijon mustard and lemon juice.

" So easy to put together and another great reason to keep canned salmon in the pantry and hashbrowns in the freezer. This recipe worked perfectly for my family. They didn't fall apart, nor were the onions crunchy. I love a tzatziki...
Salmon Rösti

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These were good, and more filling than I thought.. it was also more potatoey than I originally thought. As far as the comments of it falling apart, yes it does, unless you cook it for the recommended time before flipping it. You have to give the eggs a chance to cook, afterall they are what holds everything together. I also used two spatulas... pick it up with one, put the other on top, flip, and slide back into the pan, not a big deal. When I was done cooking them like this, you could pick it up with your hands without it falling apart. I think next time I might add a little more.. something. I didn't think it had enough flavor. Maybe green onions and red pepper flakes?


This achieves the healthy dinner trifecta - quick, delicious, and filling! I have made them 3 times already and have not had a problem with them falling apart. I use 2 spatulas to carefully flip them - maybe that helps. I've tried them with both canned sockeye salmon and with baked, flaked frozen pink salmon, and I actually preferred the taste of the canned. Husband loves it, and my kids do too - a keeper!


I had no trouble with them falling apart.
Maybe I had more egg than other people or maybe I let them cook longer before flipping so they held together OK.
I gave them the full 5 minutes before flipping.
The sauce was super yummy!


Baked them and then finished them in the broiler after coating them with cooking spray instead of frying them in a pan. Worked well and did not fall apart.


I followed the directions exactly and the cake fell apart, despite turning them gingerly. Perhaps it need more egg to hold it together?


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