Salmon Cakes with Olives, Lemon & Dill

September/October 2013

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Studded with briny olives, bright lemon zest and a touch of dill, this healthy, easy salmon cake recipe is perfect for dinner and for freezing. Whether you serve the salmon cakes on a bun like a burger with lettuce and tomato or paired with a mixed green salad, try a dollop of reduced-fat mayo mixed with lemon juice on top.

Salmon Cakes with Olives, Lemon & Dill Recipe

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Recipe isn't clear ... is it fresh (seems to be) salmon or canned? Using fresh salmon would result in better mixture.

It's salmon
These were Great!

These turned out great! I don't really like olives, but they were great in this recipe. I chopped my salmon into more of a puree to ensure that the cakes didn't fall apart in the pan.

Easy to make and flavorful
Fell apart in pan

I am really disappointed with this recipe. The wild canned salmon was expensive, and I ended up having to throw all patties away since they fell apart in the pan when attempting to flip them. I rarely if ever have recipes that fail, but this wasn't surprising as there really seemed to be a binding element missing, or even panko/bread crumbs.

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Anonymous wrote 15 weeks 6 days ago

Why would you EVER throw wild

Why would you EVER throw wild salmon away??? Canned salmon is ready to eat and could have easily been used for something else. What a waste!

Wouldn't hold together

I wondered if there should be an egg in the recipe, as they barely formed into patties before cooking, but completely fell apart when slipped gently into the pan. We ended up with salmon "hash" instead of cakes.

taste was good (not great)
Flavorful, easy

These were easy to make (easier if you have your fish monger remove the skin and pin bones from the salmon). As long as you don't overprocess in the food processor, you'll have a flavorful result.

eat now, freeze some for later

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