Roasted Vegetable Galette with Olives

Fall 2003, The Essential EatingWell Cookbook (2004)

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The natural sugar in the vegetables caramelizes during roasting, giving this tart an incredible sweet-savory flavor. Roasted garlic adds a mellow note and moistens the filling. This is a very adaptable recipe: experiment with different vegetables - eggplant, bell peppers, zucchini - and cheeses like fontina or Jarlsberg.

"This is truly a spectacular meal! Because my husband doesn't like goat cheese, we substituted feta and omitted the salt. I could hardly wait for lunches that week and am still a little ticked my husband ate the last two pieces! The crust...
Roasted Vegetable Galette with Olives

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Great concept, "meh" execution.

After some research, I discovered that real galette crust has lots of butter involved, thereby keeping it from becoming hardtack. This recipe tries to use baking powder as a leavening agent instead, but it just doesn't work. I don't know why the dough is supposed to be refrigerated for 30 minutes - it's not a terribly sticky or proteinaceous dough (mine was actually quite dry), and by the time you roll it out 30+ minutes later any leavening provided by the baking powder is already exhausted. There's no point to adding baking powder to a dough if you're not going to cook it immediately. You'll just get a brick like I did.

And then there's the top-level highlighted review that says feta is an ok substitution for the chevre. Since that's what I had on hand, I used it. However, between the salty olives and the large amount of cheese in this recipe, feta is a BAD idea. The vegetables and rosemary have a lovely delicate flavor that is just steamrolled by the feta but would probably be enhanced by chevre.

Which brings me to the good part of the recipe - roasted parsnips, beets, and carrots. Heavenly. And rosemary is the perfect accompaniment to these sweet earthy veggies. All that sweet goes well with the salt of the olives. But not with hardtack, unfortunately.

Again on the downside - I'm not really feeling these recipes that are technically vegetarian but don't really have a complete protein (cheese notwithstanding). It ends up being just a side dish when it comes to being satisfying. Ended up eating some leftover polenta to complement the wheat protein.

If I were to do it again, I'd either roll and bake the dough immediately after mixing or I'd use a real galette crust recipe. I'd use goat cheese, and not substitute with feta. And I'd definitely do as much as possible ahead of time because this is one long involved recipe.

lots of vegetables, good salty/sweet juxtaposition
A Holiday Regular

I first made this years ago - probably when first published. It has become our family's go-to main for fall holiday meals. We have some goat-cheese sceptics here so I usually leave it out. This year I'm going to make the same filling with frozen puff pastry, extra roasted garlic, and maybe some crumbled tofu for protein. I'll either roll the pastry like a strudel or surround the filling like a "wellington." I feel confident it will be another hit!

Delicious vegetarian main
challenging but worthwhile

I decided that if another novice cook could use just whole wheat flour and not the pastry flour, so could I (plus natural food stores are difficult to find in the rural south). I was most nervous about the gallete, especially bc what I know of bread making is you need active yeast. I wasnt sure if that was what we were going for here...
I also didn't have kalamata olives (not quite in the budget) but I'm not sure they would have worked in my dough anyway as it appeared a bit dry even after adding extra water. It was cracked and made me even more nervous bc i didn't have an egg on hand for the glaze :(
but, the veggies were delicious! I used seasonal veggies (for August in the South) and decided on carrots, beets, summer squash and sweet potatoes, then I threw in half a sweet onion too cause it's delicious. the veggies with the goat cheese were great. As expected, the crust was a bit dry and lacked salt, maybe bc I didn't include the olives? Overall, the boyfriend said it redeemed me of my awful "spaghetti al limone" from the night before :) I could see myself making this again in the fall, when it seems a more appropriate season for this dish.

great colors, hearty and healthy
galette cross-section
Beautiful and delicious!

The colors of the vegetables were gorgeous and this tasted so good. We omitted the olives (I don't care for them) and added some fresh rosemary to the crust. I thought that next time, I'd increase the amount of vegetables, but my boyfriend says that he thought it was the perfect balance between the filling and crust.

Not the greatest picture, but I was trying to show the thickness of the crust vs. the filling.
Worth the work

My crust was pretty cooperative and turned out a great texture and flavor. I used sweet potatoes instead of parsnips, but other than that stuck to the recipe and it was a hit!


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