Roasted Pear-Butternut Soup with Crumbled Stilton

October/November 2006

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Here pears are roasted to sweet perfection with butternut squash and pureed to create a creamy soup that gets a luxurious garnish of Stilton cheese. You can serve this as a first course or with a salad and crusty bread for a light autumn supper.

"The flavor of this soup was really great...and it was the first time I'd ever roasted a pear. Unfortunately, mine had that "grainy" pear texture. I used Bosc pears, which are pretty hard and generally gritty in texture. I would recommend...
Roasted Pear-Butternut Soup with Crumbled Stilton

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Simple ingredients combine for great flavor

First, I do not like blue cheese in general, but after reading the reviews, I thought I'd give it a try. I chose a mild Fourme D'ambert blue cheese. I also tried it with camembert, and I have to say the soup really is much better with the stronger flavor of the blue cheese. I loved that the flavors of the roasted vegetables and fruit were allowed to showcase themselves. I used comice pears as they were the most ripe of the pears available, and thankfully there was no gritty texture. I chose to leave the garlic whole while roasting, so that is was less likely to burn and more likely to take on a nutty flavor.

Roasted Pear-Butternut soup with crumbled Fourme D'Ambert
Essential autumn fare

What a great soup for fall. I followed recipe, but used Gorgonzola instead of Stilton. I lined the baking sheet w parchment paper for easy clean-up. An immersion blender made the process super simple. No gritty texture (I used ripe Bartlett pears). This was such a hit w the in-laws that I'm making more (a bigger batch) next weekend.

Easy, not a lot of clean-up
easy and great!

The blue cheese garnish goes so well with the soup! Everyone loves this and the leek and pears add to the complex flavor. Make sure the pears are ripe.

so simple to roast everything in one pan in the oven

This was great. I roasted 1 pear and 1 honeycrisp apple and replaced the tomatoes with a red pepper (that's what I had on-hand). I used 2c fresh apple cider, 1c coconut milk and 1c chicken broth for the liquid - this really bumped up the flavor! It also needed to be spiced up - I added cumin, coriander, cayenne and ginger. Next time I think I will roast the vegetables with the seasonings. Although the cheese sounds great I'm on a no-dairy diet so I substituted roasted walnuts and homemade garlice croutons - YUM!

Disappointing at best

I was really not happy with this soup, even more so because I had been looking forward to the interesting combinaiton of roasted pears, tomatoes, and leeks. I felt as though I should have added more garlic cloves and perhaps an onion, however I decided to stick with the instructions as they were for a first try. Very bland, ended up throwing most away. What a waste of beautiful, fresh ingredients.

Roasted pears, always a plus
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Anonymous wrote 2 years 37 weeks ago

Next time if you think it's

Next time if you think it's too bland, roast the extra onions and garlic you want then add it into the already pureed soup and low simmer for a bit. The flavours should be enhanced and seasoned just as you like w/o throwing it away. HTH

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