Raspberry-Almond Crumb Tart

July/August 2007

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You can quickly make the crust for this tart in the food processor and then press it into the pan—no need to dig out a rolling pin and struggle to transfer a tender pastry dough from pin to pan. Extra crust dough doubles as a crumbly topping.

"Made this for Thanksgiving, if you can believe it, with fresh berries from Mexico. It was wonderful. It reminded me of summer. It is not too sweet, a little tart. Everyone loved it. Will definitely make it again! "
Raspberry-Almond Crumb Tart

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my G0-To dessert recipe

I go to this recipe again and again. Yes, I use a removable bottom tart pan (in response to a query from another reviewer), and I've resorted to frozen raspberries when necessary (always keep some in the freezer) which works fine. Mixing blueberries and raspberries is gorgeous and delicious.

A simple, impressive, delicious recipe that can use mixed fruit and even frozen fruit

I used a normal pie pan, and only cooked it for around 20 minutes the second time in (after the 15.) I was a little worried because the tart did not change in appearance when it was in the oven - it almost got burned because it still had 20 mins left and I didn't notice the raspberries getting darker. Really good though!

Very Tart, Delicious!

I used whole wheat flour and coconut sugar, and it was delicious! Made it in a regular pie plate (no tart pan in the house), and it was fine. Next time, I will mix all the reserved almond/sugar mixture in with the berries and just put the crumbles on top. Excellent recipe!

Great healthy dessert
Bursting with Flavor!

I had to write a review because I made this again last night and as always, it was fabulous. My family raved about it. Bursting with raspberry flavor! Easy to make, using only the food processor. As yummy as any berry pie!

Easy, great crust, very flavorful
Has anyone used a non-removable bottom tart pan? Will it work?

I only have a tart pan with a non-removable bottom and don't want to buy another pan. Has anyone tried this?

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Anonymous wrote 3 years 41 weeks ago

Of course you can make it in

Of course you can make it in a pan with a non-removable bottom, but it's messy and you will invariably scratch the pan and not end up with pretty pieces if you try to get the slices out of there intact. Get the pan with the removable bottom, you will ask yourself why you waited so long!!!

Anonymous wrote 3 years 46 weeks ago

My tart pan is 11" rather

My tart pan is 11" rather than the 9" specified. So I baked it in a 9" pie plate (non-removable bottom, naturally) and it worked out just fine. The presentation is just not as nice as when made in a tart pan, but otherwise was fine.
I also baked it about 8 minutes less than the specified time. Don't know if that was related to the pie plate v. tart pan.

Anonymous wrote 3 years 46 weeks ago

my advice - invest in tart

my advice - invest in tart pans with removable bottoms. that way you can take the tart to potlucks, etc. without leaving your bakeware behind. it might work in a non-removable pan but why bother?

Anonymous wrote 3 years 47 weeks ago

have you made this? how can

have you made this? how can you rate it if you haven't made it?

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