Quinoa Peanut Soup (Sopa de Mani)

March/April 2013

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This spicy vegetable, quinoa and peanut soup recipe is a modern take on a traditional Bolivian soup recipe called Sopa de Mani. Serve this healthy quinoa soup recipe as a starter or make it a heartier meal by adding diced cooked chicken or turkey breast to the soup.

Quinoa Peanut Soup (Sopa de Mani)

16 Reviews for Quinoa Peanut Soup (Sopa de Mani)

Finally something with veggies my picky kids will eat!

I read the other reviews carefully, and based on their info I also made a few adjustments. #1 I omitted the water (using four cups of chicken broth only). This makes a thick and flavorful stew vs a watery soup. #2 I used chili sauce instead of hot sauce (we don't love really spicy food). and #3 I used more peanut butter than the recipe called for...probably half a cup. The result was delicious, but needed just a little bit of acid, so I squeezed a lime into the pot. Amazing. Another reviewer added a dash of vinegar with good results. I admit to pulling out the food processor to speed up the prep...I hate chopping vegetables. The best part? I told my VERY picky five year old and seven year old that it was "peanut butter soup", and they gobbled it down. Will make again.

Easy and tasty

very tasty...smells great when cooking and coworkers were drooling


I used Franks Red in this recipe for the hot sauce and it turned out great. I used 5 cups of stock and 1 cup water which also gave it a bit ore flavour. Simple and delicious recipe!

Family-Tested and Approved!

I forgot the hot sauce, and didn't feel like running to the store for parsley. Hubby and kids (3 and 6) LOVED it. I was out of vegetable broth, so MacGuyvered some up with water, a little oil, and random spices. Also threw in two packets of Goya Sazon. The soup looked exactly like the photo in the magazine! I was proud of myself! :)

With some additions

I added some diced chicken breast and kale to this and actually left out the parsley (I'm not a big parsley fan). I completely forgot to add the hot sauce. I thought my version turned out great! I suppose the addition of the chicken might have made up for the watery blandness someone else commented on.


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