Quick French Onion Soup

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Bring the allium family—onions, leeks, garlic—together in this simpler and heartier version of French onion soup. If you've always found the traditional melted cheese topping too intimidating to try at home, you'll find this version user-friendly; just top toasted bread with cheese and pour the soup over to melt it. Including chickpeas makes it filling enough for a main course.

Quick French Onion Soup

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Quick French Onion Soup

If this is supposed to be a "healthy recipe" what is with the 60 some grams of carbs per serving and the high calorie count. I always look for healthy low fat, low carbs and calorie dishes when I look through your site - I find a great recipe, get all excited about this wonderful new dish and then find out it is high in everything I want low. Come on guys that is almost teasing!! I would recommend this recipe, but I sure wouldn't eat it! Please don't do that any more!!

Sounds wonderful - except for the garbanzo beans - which we love BUT NOT IN FRENCH ONION SOUP!!
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Anonymous wrote 1 year 33 weeks ago

This is a great recipe and

This is a great recipe and with chickpeas, a nutrient booster (high in calcium and Vit. A, Magnesium, Folate, Potassium and other essential nutrients and high in carbs and protein) highly nutrious. By the way, onions are high in sugar 16g per cup + 3g of fiber. Add bread, chickpeas, and cheese and that ups the carbs. One cup of onions alone also contains over 500mg of sodium + the sodium in the broth ups this count. Onions are high in Vit. C and Potassium as well as other minerals and vitamins. Plus, they are delicious!
Personally, as a diabetic I watch my carbs but it depends on the kind of carb. We all need some. I can sit down with a bowl of pasta and if it is prepared correctly and even without being combined with protein have no sugar spikes. I would not deprive myself of a variety of foods based soley on their carb, fat and salt content. Food combining is key here. Since using coconut oil, I actually eat less, have lost weight and hubby's cholesterol is in the normal range now. Fats are essential in feeling satisfied after a meal, for slowing digestion of carbs and allowing satisfaction from smaller portions. Conclusion: I think this is a very delicious, healthy, and nutrious recipe!

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