Quick Fettuccine Alfredo

March/April 2014

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In this healthy fettuccine Alfredo recipe, the sauce for this classic pasta dish gets a makeover, using yogurt. Although we like to toss this creamy pasta sauce with fettuccine, any whole-wheat pasta can be used.

Quick Fettuccine Alfredo

7 Reviews for Quick Fettuccine Alfredo

Curdled Yogurt has to do with Heat

I made something very similar to this by experimenting and am happy to have a recipe that will probably be better than my experimentation. I have had trouble with yogurt curdling for other recipes and found out that if one raises the temperature of the yogurt more slowly, that problem goes away and you have an enjoyable sauce. I also like the idea of using almond milk as suggested by another.

Healthy, Tasty (to me)
Use the right kind of pasta

This recipe has always worked well for me, but I use mung bean fettuccine because I have a gluten-free diet. Most gluten-free pastas release quite a bit of starch when cooking, so the sauce ends up nice and thick when you add that 1/2 cup of cooking water. We have enjoyed this with broccoli, chicken and other added ingredients!

Good taste. HORRIBLE presentation.

Just like the other reviewers, everything was going great until I added the pasta, then the sauce separated into murky water and cheese curdles. EW! I tried heating it for a little while extra to thin the whole thing out...didn't work. Another person suggested adding a little heavy whipping cream, I tried it, added 1-2 tablespoons. It helped with the watery-ness but the cheese is still curdled. It actually tastes pretty good, just a horrible presentation. I have to say, this is my lowest rating recipes, and I make a LOT of Eating Well recipes. SAD FACE. :(

Pretty good taste & relatively healthy

Using almond milk instead of water vastly improves the taste while keeping it healthy.

Clumpy Cheese

Mine was going fine as well. When I added the pasta to the yogurt mixture the cheese turned clumpy. I tried putting back over low heat and covering but that did not help. Luckily I had some heavy whipping cream on hand. This made it cheese unclump, but of course, did away with the healthy part. The flavor was nothing spectular either.


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