Slow-Cooker Pinto Bean Stew with Jalapeño-Corn Dumplings

March/April 2013

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This healthy slow-cooker pinto bean stew recipe is bursting with veggies—onion, bell pepper, celery and corn—and topped with crunchy bits of radish and chile- and lime-flecked cornbread dumplings. If you’re pressed for time, skip the dumplings and serve this pinto bean stew straight out of the crock pot, topped with crushed tortilla chips and a sprinkling of Monterey Jack cheese. Make sure to soak your dried beans before using them in the slow cooker to ensure even cooking.

Slow-Cooker Pinto Bean Stew with Jalapeño-Corn Dumplings

16 Reviews for Slow-Cooker Pinto Bean Stew with Jalapeño-Corn Dumplings

Not much taste

This sounded so good but ended up pretty disappointing. Too watery, too many onions, not much taste. I even added more veggies and chicken, but it wasn't really salvageable.

Beans, beans, beans!

Mostly beans. No much taste otherwise. Maybe the 1 lb was a typo? Fine with enough hot sauce, but I'd turn it into something chile-like with tomatoes and more spices next time.

Fun dumplings, healthy
Good on the stovetop

I wouldn't have made this in a crock pot, but it turned out really well on the stove and was quick to prepare. I cooked the veggies first in some olive oil, together with the garlic and spices. I then added a couple of cans of beans, rather than using dried, and a can of diced tomatoes. I used chicken broth instead of just water, and added some grated extra-sharp cheddar to the dumplings. It was really delicious. I don't think it would have turned out very well to just throw everything in a pot and turn on the heat, so I understand the other reviews (plus a pound of dried beans makes a LOT of beans, I wonder if that was a typo?)

Glorified beans and cornbread

I never do beans in the crockpot because they don't seem to get done. I made this in my cast iron dutch oven on top of the stove. It was just OK. The dumplings, which were the reason this appealed to me in the first place, were easy to make but weren't as good as I expected. The beans were just a pot of beans crying out for some more flavor. Maybe a can of tomatoes or Rotel would have helped. I won't be making this again. On the plus side, after I drain out the liquid, the chickens are gonna love the leftovers!

More of a Soup

Made it in a crockpot and after 8 hours on low beans were edible but not done. Turned it up to high for a couple hours more. Was not an issue because I was making it ahead of time but if it were from dinner it would not of been done. Calories are high for 1 1/4 cup so will not do the dumplings for myself and will recalculate the calories. Was a good 'soup' though and great leftover.


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