Peanut Butter & Pretzel Truffles

January/February 2010

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These peanut butter-pretzel truffles satisfy your craving for something sweet and salty.

"delicious! i made them a little while ago and they were simple to make, and tasted like a professional truffle! but instead, i used a chocolate bar to melt since i didn't have any chocolate chips. -Aimee L. "

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Hi guys! I used unsalted pretzels and natural peanut butter and it was great! Some people said that the peanut butter is too gooey. To help, mix the natural peanut butter in its oil and that will help. It took about 20min to slightly freeze before you roll it up. But when you roll it up be quick as the peanut butter will slightly melt in your hand. Also, there was no way I could make 20 pieces like the recipe. It makes around 10 maybe 12 if you stretch it unless you make these really small. Nevertheless, these were great and quick. Since I am getting into a fitness regimen, eating only one of these a day will be a challenge. Cheers all!


Very easy and our new favorite - not too sweet. We used Peter Pan peanut butter which we usually use for the dogs but we were out of organic nut butter. I think you could use a little more pretzel for more crunch and salt. One of these is all you need to hit the sweet spot after a great dinner. Very little hands-on time so I made them while watching TV and did the steps during the commercials.


Seems pretty simple. I would love to send these to my sons in college. Can they be shipped?


These tasted good, but the natural peanut butter was much oilier than "regular" peanut butter - so they were soupy and hard to work with. Took much more attention, time in the freezer, etc. and they were not at all pretty because they didn't want to hold their shape. HOWEVER, everyone said they tasted great and the plate was empty in no time. I will make them again & try regular peanut butter next time.

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jamesable12 wrote 3 years 49 weeks ago

I have read elsewhere that if you drain the oil off of the natural peanut butter before adding it to the recipe, this will cut out the oily factor & you get a much better end product, both product wise & in eye appeal. Hope this helps you out.

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