Peanut Butter & Pretzel Truffles

January/February 2010

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These peanut butter-pretzel truffles satisfy your craving for something sweet and salty.

"delicious! i made them a little while ago and they were simple to make, and tasted like a professional truffle! but instead, i used a chocolate bar to melt since i didn't have any chocolate chips. -Aimee L. "

39 Reviews for Peanut Butter & Pretzel Truffles

Use a melon-baller

I don't mind these having a flat bottom, so I used a melon-baller to form the truffles before freezing. Mess-free, uniform size, easy!

Tasty But Not Pretty

Couldn't be simpler to make. I used dark chocolate, healthier. The peanut butter and pretzel mixture never froze hard enough to stay together and wouldn't roll into a ball, sort of just blobbed up. Next time I'm going to pour all the oil off a new jar of peanut butter before measuring so as to make it as solid as possible before mixing with the pretzels. And I will stab each ball with a toothpick before freezing to simplify the chocolate coating process, which wasn't pretty. I should have read the reviews more carefully before making.

Only three ingredients!
Wonderful Treat

I made these for Christmas last year. They taste good if you add more pretzel to the mix. Try to chop the pretzel well, but not too fine. I believe I used almost double the pretzel recommendation. The truffles I made weren't beautiful per se, rolling them in chocolate can be a little messy and definitely not uniform. However, with the right combination of pretzel and peanut butter they're delicious! Everyone loved them despite the less than lovely appearance.

Few ingredients, easy to make, nice combination of flavors
fantastic with sl. variations!

I added a small amount (about 2 tsp or so) powdered sugar to peanut butter pretzel combo for easy mixing and shaping. I used a 4 oz. bar of dark chocholate baking bar mixed with about 1 tsp. Crisco to chochlate for easier dipping. Had extra chocholate so I drizzled it on top. They were perfect!

easy, delicious, great combo
Do not bother unless you want to waste your time

This was a joke. They look awful (not like, the presentation is bad, but more like "these look like turds) and they taste like a big glob of PB with some chocolate thrown on it. I seriously want Eating Well to reimburse me for materials.


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