Overnight Oatmeal

Winter 2004, The EatingWell Diabetes Cookbook (2005)

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Here is an easy way to serve a crowd a hearty breakfast before facing the elements for a day of winter sports. You can assemble it in the slow cooker in the evening and wake up to a bowl of hot, nourishing oatmeal. The slow cooker eliminates the need for constant stirring and ensures an exceptionally creamy consistency. It is important to use steel-cut oats; old-fashioned oats become too soft during slow-cooking.

"I made this exactly as the recipe calls for, but I added a bit of vanilla and some cinnamon. It was great, but my 4 year old and 22 month old didn't like it. It made way too much for just me to eat (because my husband wouldn't try it! lol...
Overnight Oatmeal

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I set my crock pot for 7 hours and then it automatically goes to "warm" setting. I awoke after about 8 hours total time and while it wasn't exactly burned, the oatmeal was indeed stuck to the sides of the pot. If I tried to scrape it, the oatmeal was crunchy and a bit charred. Then the taste and texture of the oatmeal wasn't much better than just cooking a packet of quick oats in the microwave. I subbed skim milk for half of the water. Not worth the effort in my opinion.


I have a brand new crock pot and it has been working fine for everything else. I put it on low 8 hours (it is a new one that actually has time settings and goes to warm when it is done with that time). I got up this morning after only 7 hours 30 min and it is completely burned and glued to the sides of the pot. I'll be lucky if my brand new crock pot isn't ruined. I just got it for Christmas and I'm going to be extremely upset if it is already destroyed by some crappy recipe I found online. Soak, rinse, repeat....

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Anonymous wrote 2 years 46 weeks ago

WOW. It's not the poster's

WOW. It's not the poster's fault that you couldn't properly work the recipe. Maybe you shouldn't operate anything requiring electricity, hm?


for the person whose oatmeal burned after 4 hours - either you had the slow cooker on high, or your cooker is defective. I've made steel cuts oatmeal this way for years with no problem, only delicious goodness.


I have been making this for years using apple juice in place of the water. I have never cooked fruit in the oats, just added on top with nuts and either a little maple syrup or agave nectar mixed in. I make a full recipe and store in a good container in the fridge for a week, makes for a quick, easy breakfast.


By 4 hours into the night we could smell the oatmeal beginning to burn. After another hour it was inedible and completely stuck to the crock...will search for another recipe.


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