Oven Sweet Potato Fries

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Making oven fries out of sweet potatoes brings out their inherent sweetness.

"I'm concerned about the canola oil. From what I've read, coconut oil would be better (yes, it's saturated fat, but its medium-chain triglycerides have a beneficial effect on the body). And for the reader who adds Splenda--!!!! Why don't...
Oven Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

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Canola oil (aka Low Erucic Acid Rapeseed) IS one of the worst oils because the so called "good fats" that are supposedly in canola are destroyed during the deodorization of the oil (because it smells horrible) which is done at over 500 degrees F. So any omega-3 benefit that was there is GONE.

Also, canola is one of the biggest cash crops and is largely GMO based. Even with the genetic engineering, canola is one the most heavily pesticide treated crops around. Even more, most canola oil is extracted using a petroleum derived solvent hexane.

Still think that canola is the better than olive oil??

Not saying that all olive oil is created equal or that it is good for some cooking applications, but it's fine for most.


Agree with anonymous at 10:55 AM 11/12/10. I am a holistic R.N. and have studied all this in detail. Sunflower, safflower, corn, soy and eventhough a bit better- canola, are all poor choices.Read details provided in this previous comment. HNC R.N.


Disagree on the last comment about canola oil being the worst of all. For cooking, macademia or canola oils are the best because the have the highest temperature among other oils at which the healthy unsaturated fats are breaking down into dangerous trans fats. Olive oil, on the contrary, has the lowest temperature of fats breaking down, thus making it lose all the benefits and become bad for your health. It is best to use olive oil for salads, pastas, and dips, when the temperature doesn't go above 100* Celsius.


In response to a previous reader's comment, sunflower and safflower oils are NOT healthy. Check out Rebecca Wood's book The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia or the article on fats and oils on her website. Futhermore, as a side note to RealAge editiors, you should check out the fat and oil guide as well, because it is NOT safe to heat ANY fat or oil above 375, and the only fats and oils that can go up to 375 are coconut, palm, ghee, and butter. Olive oil can go up to 325, sesame and peanut oil up to 240, and omega 3 up to 100 degrees. Heating these oils above these temperatures makes them go rancid, regardless of the supposed smoke point. Eating oil that has gone rancid causes inflammation, which causes disease. This needs to be addressed in all recipes advertising to be healthy!


It was good idea until you used canola oil, the worst oil to use for anything; much better oil is sunflower! I never eat any food (or salad) with canola, corn, soybean or vegetable oil; I use mostly olive, coconut, sunflower, safflower oils; coconut oil can't be used for high temperature cooking.


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