Oven-Fried Fish & Chips

May/June 2009

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Fish and chips are traditionally sold wrapped in paper to soak up all the grease—not a good sign. To cut the calories in half and reduce the fat, we coat the delicate fish in a crispy cornflake crust and then bake it along with sliced potatoes. Serve with: Coleslaw and malt vinegar or lemon wedges.

"hmmm this sounds so yummy, ill definitely try it..thanks "
Oven-Fried Fish & Chips

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Hard and dry

This did not work for me, and I (thought I) followed the recipe exactly. The flour made an unpleasant shell, and the cornflakes were one more layer of hardness. It's definitely healthier than pan-fried, but I'm glad I tested this before serving it to guests. Will just use Panko next time.

low fat
Healthy and easy

My husband, who primarily limits himself to zapping turkey bacon in microwave and scrambling eggs, prepared this recipe for our supper one night. It is one of our favorite meals and a special treat for me to have him fix it for a meal. I am very health conscious and can enjoy this without guilt and later feel satisfied.

Quick meal
Well worth the extra effort of preparation

First time I made this I was a bit frustrated with all the prep work, even after reading the directions a couple times before diving in. Once the food was prepared however, the cleanup commenced while the food was in the oven, resulting in a cleaned up kitchen in no time. The results of my labors was well worth all the complaints I made. I have passed this recipe on to all my friends as it is so good and good for you. The only thing I would do different is to use even less oil on the potatoes - instead of 4 teaspoons try 2 or none at all. Even better!

Low fat moist fish, crispy potatoes, delicious.
Tasty. Hubby asks for it all the time

1st time, I didn't have Cajun spice so used a 'Steak and Fish' herb mix that I had. The second time I made up a Cajun style spice mix including Fennel seeds, paprika, cumin and coriander.
I use wholemeal flour, no added salt and added some crushed garlic and finely chopped onion to whole egg.

Yummy sandwich version in the 1600 calorie heart healthy meal plan {crispy fish sandwich with pineapple slaw} - I use this recipe for the fish.

Add whatever spices you like or make your own mix
Great Taste In a Little Bit of Time

This was a fabulous dinner and relatively fast . The fish was moist with a crisp crust, and it's versatile in that you can use whatever white fish and non-sugar cereal you have around. My children like french fries but not potatoes (go figure!), but they loved these oven-baked chips. This is definitely in my family's rotation.

Very tasty and fast
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Anonymous wrote 1 year 43 weeks ago

LOL Don't feel bad my son

LOL Don't feel bad my son same thing. "I don't like po-ta-toes!" I ask "Do you like French fries?" He goes "YES!" and I go, "Guess what French fries are?"

Still a "hell no" to baked potatoes etc" *SIGH*

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