Oven-Fried Chicken

Summer 2003, EatingWell for a Healthy Heart Cookbook (2008), The Essential EatingWell Cookbook (2004), July/August 2012

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Great news—crunchy, flavorful fried chicken can be healthy. We marinate skinless chicken in buttermilk to keep it juicy. A light coating of flour, sesame seeds and spices, misted with olive oil, forms an appealing crust during baking. And with only 7 grams of fat per serving rather than the 20 in typical fried chicken—that is good news.

"I made this for the second time last night. Fried chicken is my favorite thing, and this tastes just like it. Be sure and put the foil on the baking sheet. I didn't have foil, so the bottom didn't get crispy. And I agree you have to...

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Extremely flavorful!

I loved that I could make this ahead of time for a picnic we had. I just breaded and baked them shortly before we left. I had them marinate for a long time overnight, which was longer than stated in the recipe, but turned out extremely tender and juicy. The spice blend recommended in the recipe was delicious, and I loved that it used whole wheat flour. It did not turn out super crispy, but realistically I wouldn't expect it to. The texture of the breading was still very pleasing. My husband thought it was excellent, as did I. I will definitely make this again.

Easy to make ahead, very juicy and tender, nice blend of spices
Great. crispy and low fat!

I made this last night and I thought it was wonderful. Now reading the comments I realize how important it is to follow this exactly. I marinated the chicken for 6 hours and then did the breading as described. Be sure to use a rack above the baking sheet with the more holes the better to let the heat circulate around the bottom of the chicken. I brushed the rack with oil rather than spraying, but sprayed the top with oil. This kept it from sticking. Also, whole wheat flour really makes a difference - much crispier than plain flour would be. Loved it!

Crisp and tasty
Not that great

I added more spices and salt, and I'm glad I did. There was not enough flavor. Also, it will get mushy on foil. So if you don't have a rack, don't waste your time. Maybe I'll try it as a breading, just not fried chicken worthy though.

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Anonymous wrote 3 years 51 weeks ago

I agree, it needed more

I agree, it needed more spices. I did increase mine, and I still wish I would have done more.

What a disappointment

Save yourselves the cost of ruined chicken. I didn't like this at all and I'm mad at myself for trying it!

An amazing recipe

Made that recipe yesterday for dinner and my boyfriend absolutely loved it. I made chicken thighs and chicken breast and to my surprise, even the chicken breast came out moist on the inside and nice and crunchy on the outside. I added a little more hot sauce for a stronger kick and fresh thyme instead of the dried one. I also toasted the sesame seeds. I paired it up with roasted onions and sweet potatoes.
The only advice I have for whoever is going to make it for the first time is make sure you bake it on a rack because on the flat surface the batter becomes very watery and the chicken does not come out crispy. I do not have a rack at home so I lined a pizza tray with foil and baked it on that and it came out perfect. Also make sure to spray the top of the chicken with oil spray before baking it.
Thank you for this recipe, its definitely a remake.


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