Oven-Barbecued Pork Chops

January/February 2007, EatingWell for a Healthy Heart Cookbook (2008)

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Need a little summertime flavor? Try this swift recipe and enjoy a “barbecue” indoors. Make it a meal: Serve with coleslaw and cornbread.

"It is hard to get my husband to eat healthy, but he loves this recipe. When he does go shopping with me, he picks out the pork chops and asks me to make this recipe again. Great and easy recipe :) "
Oven-Barbecued Pork Chops

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These chops tasted great? It was hard to stop at just one serving. I used Stubb's spicy BBQ sauce (240 mg sodium), and only had concentrated OJ which worked fine. The sauce was tasty and not overly sweet. will make again.

Easy to make!
Oven Barbeque at its Best

My husband and I loved this. One for the book and we look forward to experimenting with different bbq sauces.

Flavor, Simple to make, Healthy
Simple enough for beginners, delicious enough for the family chef!

Because my mother has been ill, I took up cooking for my dad and myself. I looked for a simple enough recipe that I wouldn't be too confused but also something that would make my dad pleasantly surprised. This recipe accomplished both goals with ease. If you are a beginner like me and need to look up what 'minced' means and just how to best pick apart a garlic clover, you can expect the prep time to take a little longer (15-25 min). That's not really a "con" though, because I believe it had more to do with me than the recipe!

Flavor, Simple, Fast
Very easy and delic...

found this to be a wonderful recipe, would make this for a house full of people

simple to make
Popular with the Family

This recipe was a hit with the family. My Dad, who isn't super-easy to please, loved it. As he said, "The sauce makes the meal. This sauce is awesome." I was worried the orange juice would create too much of a citrus-y flavor, but it really just serves to moisten the dish and the orange wasn't a noticeable flavor in the final product. I'm always nervous when a recipe requires you to place a skillet in the oven, because once it's removed, it's easy to forget the handle has been baking in 400 degree temperatures, but I think I've learned my lesson after one burn from another similar recipe, so no burns this time. Just be careful!

I served these pork chops with applesauce and corn muffins made from Eating Well's "The Best Corn Bread" recipe ( Yummy!

Lots of Flavor, Easy to Make, Quick Meal
Oven-Barbecued Pork Chop with Applesauce and Corn Muffin
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terryfratu wrote 2 years 15 weeks ago

my tip for pans in the

my tip for pans in the oven...the oven mitt goes on the handle as soon as I pull it out of the oven as a reminder and a protector!

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