One-Dish Chicken & Rice (Asopao de Pollo)

September/October 2007

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This Puerto Rican one-dish chicken and rice stew is rich in flavor.

"I just made this dish. It was very tasty and easy. For me it is basically chicken and rice. You need to have a good cooking pot, I used a cast aluminum one. As one person noted, typical Puerto Rican food is not spicy hot. I enjoy PR food...
One-Dish Chicken & Rice (Asopao de Pollo)

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I must admit that, although I have lived in the "mainland," for more than 30 years, I'm still annoyed when I see a "Puerto Rican" recipe that includes hot peppers (mild or otherwise). I'm no longer suprised to see that all/most non-hispanics assume that all/most Puerto Ricans eat spicy food with hot peppers.(Unfortunately, as a result Puerto Rican restaurants offer hot sauces for visitors/tourists who assume that Puerto Rican food is similar to Mexican food.) Please note that Puerto Rican dishes are very tasty, but are not spicy and are cooked with sweet peppers. All Puerto Rican recipes taste so much better, when cooked with sweet peppers and other non-spicy ingredients! (I have not tried this recipe, but gave it one star because rating is required.)

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morriganbella wrote 3 years 27 weeks ago

I agree with you. Most

I agree with you. Most people assume that all latin food is Mexican food--- it is not. Puertorrican dishes are savory, not hot! And where on earth did the Aneheim and poblano pepper come from? What happened to the sofrito? Jeez!


Good dish but needed to cut back on the rice and the water. Still had lots of leftovers which I froze for later meals.


This looks like a pretty good recipe but just a heads up--living in Puerto Rico, the essential ingredients in any Puerto Rican seasoning is garlic, onion, peppers, tomato and cilantro (also culantro if you can find it--a stronger flavor cousin to cilantro). Other layers of flavor to add would be a bay leaf, briny things like olives and capers as they added here, and also a bay leaf as well as oregano. I'll try this recipe but add some winter squash, bay leaf and definately garlic. You would also find some kind of pork fat in the dish---so you could sautee your veggies in a little bacon for an extra layer of flavor. They use a long light colored pepper--a cross between a aneheim and a green pepper. Hard to find here.


I only gave it the 4 stars, because I did a bit of alteration. I made it with what I had on hand and missed out on the fresh ingredients. I subed a can of Rotelle chiles and tomatoes for the peppers and tomatoes. I didn't have any fresh cilantro or lime. Even with these poor subs, it was a tasty winter stew. I'm looking forward to making it with all the fresh veggies. I also added some leftover beans and peas for extras. I think any veggie would be good.


This is delicious - like a yummy, savory tomato risotto. I thought the poblanos would be spicy so just used 2 - would use the recommended 4 next time or substitute it with green pepper to add some crunch. I also added some grilled squash/zucchini to add a little extra veg to the dish. My husband and I loved it!


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