Moroccan-Flavored Pork Ragu

March/April 2007

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This type of stew is normally cooked slowly for a few hours using tougher and fattier meat from the shoulder or rib area, but this quick version uses lean boneless pork chops. The lean meat becomes dry and hard when overcooked, so do pay attention to the cooking times. Serve over couscous, bulgur or rice, and garnish with a blend of 1/4 cup chopped cilantro, 2 tablespoons chopped scallions and 1 tablespoon chopped mint.

"I love the flavor of this. I actually split into 6 instead of 4 servings, and served over brown rice. Very flavorful - can't wait to see how the leftovers taste, when the flavors have had time to settle in. "
Moroccan-Flavored Pork Ragu

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Offensive Receipe

This is an absolute disgrace !

Please let me remind you than Morocco is a country of muslim culture and it is an absolute shock for me to read than a Moroccan dish involves the cooking of Pork...

Please people think twice before publishing such absurdities


the pork was very sour. i put in the correct amount of lemon juice in the marinade, but didn't use the preserved lemon at all. I reviewed everything and think i did it all correctly, but it was awful!
not making this one again!

Spicy and Fast

Quite excellent and a quick meal prep. We used half-sharp Hungarian Paprika which made it quite spicy, like an exotic chili recipe.
Might try it with sweet Paprika next time for variety. The pork cooks up perfectly. I didnt get the preserved lemon and ended up using limes and it was still quite good. Will definietly make this again.

Something new and delicious

I even found preserved lemons in my local co-op. This was a big hit, and I had all the spices already. Great flavor, I will definitely make it again and I think it will be appreciated at pot lucks as something different.

not too hard to make, a new taste
Double the Veggies, Alter Cooking Time

I wish that I'd cooked the pork more completely because by the time I added it, the veggies were too mushy. I'd make this again but I'd definitely rethink how long the veggies were cooking. I'd also double the amounts of onions, tomatoes and squash (I'd already substituted extra squash for carrots). I also used the entire can of chickpeas which turned out to be the right amount.

Great spices, overall taste
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Anonymous wrote 3 years 19 weeks ago

You're right about adding

You're right about adding more veggies & cooking time. I followed your advice the first time I made this & it was superb. Thanks!

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