Mocha Yule Log

November/December 2011

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A bûche de Noël—a cake decorated like a yule log—is a traditional dessert served around Christmastime in France, Belgium, Canada and some other French-speaking countries. Some bûche de Noël cakes can be as heavy as a real log when they are decked out with sugar and buttercream. Our recipe, which is just as tasty served cold as it is at room temperature, is lighter than air. The chocolate brown-butter génoise cake made with whole-grain flour is easy to roll up and it’s covered with a billowy espresso-spiked 7-minute frosting. We’ve substituted agave nectar for white sugar in the frosting. It’s pretty garnished with meringue mushrooms and sugared rosemary.

Mocha Yule Log

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Who in their right mind would come up with such disgusting recipe?

I followed the recipe very carefully, after all, this was my first time doing a gluten free Bûche de Noël. I wasted 2 hours right before Christmas making this disgusting log. A log's frosting should be butter cream, period! The frosting in not even light, it is sticky and the coffee flavor too strong. Then the recipe tells you to put this mixture of brewed coffee and half and half over the sponge cake, get ready! It defies the purpose of having a "sponge cake" that is airy and light, by making it wet and heavy. The cake ends up collapsing and your log will look like a ridiculous plank! Had I only read the other reviews before starting this, I would have saved myself some precious time and much needed pre Christmas time. I am sooo disappointed! Don't make, don't even try, save yourself time and energy and find another recipe!


I followed the recipe exactly and I was really disappointed. The cake didn't roll well, more like folded, so it didn't look attractive. Worst of all, the taste of the frosting was horrible. The instant coffee flavor was overwhelming and awful. I wondered if maybe I was supposed to put in a teaspoon of the granules instead of the tablespoon, but apparently someone thought this was good. I didn't finish my portion, and I ended up throwing out the leftovers. Very disappointing!


The cake ended up being very dry, maybe a smaller sheet pan would help. The filling/frosting was very sticky and the coffee flavor was overpowering. A lighter whipped cream recipe would have been better. IInedible and ended up in the trash. Very disappointing.

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Anonymous wrote 3 years 29 weeks ago

Apparently I'm not the only

Apparently I'm not the only one who wasted Christmas Eve on this!

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