Middle Eastern Zucchini Dip

July/August 2013

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This creamy and tangy Middle Eastern zucchini dip recipe, also known as Koosa Ma Laban, is best served with baked pita chips or crunchy vegetables.

Middle Eastern Zucchini Dip

6 Reviews for Middle Eastern Zucchini Dip

Not your average American flavored dip

The major flaw with this recipe is that "medium zucchini" is subjective. The zucchini my grocery store sells are about the size of a pickle (again, subjective!) and the ones that come out of my garden are about half the size of a baseball bat (subjective!). So a WEIGHT or VOLUME measurement for the zucchini will undoubtedly eliminate runny dip.

Tasty, not your average American dip, great recipe for home garden produce
Palestinian reciepe 'Leb il Kossa"

This dip is made when you take the center out of the zucchini, and stuff the zucchini with rice and meat. 'Leb il kossa" is the center the inside of the zucchini you boil it then drain the water, after draining the water, add the garlic and salt sunder a low heat making sure the zucchini is cooked, after that you let it cool for a bit and add lemon olive oil and yogurt to your don't have to put pepper or mint, I like it with out it like my grandma. Place on a plate drizzle olive oil and eat it with olives and Arabic bread! Enjoy!

Good, easy to make healthy dip

Based on the other reviews that said there was too much liquid, I used two cups of grated zucchini that I had in the freezer. I thawed it in the microwave and then spread it on paper towels to soak up the excess liquid. After cooking it in the pan with garlic I also spread it on paper towels to cool and soak up more liquid. This tasted nice and fresh and was easy to make.

Delious but Runny

I am a registered dietitian and while I loved the flavor of this low-fat dip, I agree that this turned out too runny for my liking. Adding a small amount of higher fat dip would make is thicker, as I mention at Or just use it as a pasta sauce instead!

low fat, zesty flavor, easy
Quick, easy and so fresh!

This dip turned out great. I made a couple of modification: I used dill instead of mint and regular lowfat plain yogurt instead of Greek. I agree with the first review that it's a little thin, but I did drain some of the liquid out of the blender after cooling the zucchini before I added all the other ingredients and I think that helped. Maybe next time, I'll salt the diced zucchini and let it drain first before cooking it (draws out the water). Will definitely make this again.

Zesty and so fresh, quick and simple to make.

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