Margherita Pizz’alad

July/August 2013

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This Italian-flag-inspired Margherita pizza recipe is topped with juicy tomatoes and slices of fresh mozzarella. What could make it better? Adding a salad on top of the pizza to make a pizz’alad. In this case the Margherita pizza is topped with a salad of arugula, basil and parsley tossed with a tangy balsamic vinaigrette. Bread flour gives the pizza crust a crisp and sturdy structure, but all-purpose flour works well in its place. For a gluten-free pizza crust variation, see Tips.

Margherita Pizz’alad

3 Reviews for Margherita Pizz’alad

Delicious and Full of Flavor!

It was hard to come up with a con for this... it was really good! And my hubs loved it, and he usually is a little iffy about homemade pizza crust... and arugula. But he gobbled it right up to!

Tasty, Different, Easy
Fresh, delicious, comfort food that makes you feel good

This is a pizza recipe dream come true. I love pizza but it's always heavy on cheese and crust. Husband was just diagnosed with diabetes (at 38!) so now we really have to watch carbs. We love the thin crust, the cheese and then the fresh, summery taste the salad gives. I've had a similar pizza at Cafe Baci on Michigan Avenue...thin crust with arugula, prosciutto, and parmesan(I think) shavings. I'm going to try to reproduce that with this crust. My two small children love it too (well, not the green so much...but that's a 5-year old) Thanks, Eating Well! Great idea!

easy to make, healthy,

This is the best homemade pizza I've ever eatten. The last time I had a pizza similar to this one was when I was visiting a friend in Milan and we went out for pizza. I WANTED to eat the WHOLE THING, but held myself down to just a half. The only thing I'm doing differently next time I make this is to leave off the 1/2 t. sugar in the dressing. The balsamic vinegar is sweet enough without adding more to it. Delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!


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